The other side of the story from a local worker of Public Health England.

This message is a message we have received at the Waverley Web from someone who works for Public Health. Please read, it is very important.

“Very sombre team meeting today and my boss is both shocked and upset by the news that Public Health gets the blame and Public Health England is to be dismantled.
Every single public health personnel in the country has been working tirelessly on this Coronovvirus epidemic since March. I have colleagues who are overworked and frazzled – sometimes working through weekends only to be told by the Daily Telegraph that they are rubbish and not required.
Instead, Dido Harding ( who famously couldn’t even run Talk Talk call centres) and gave the go-ahead for The Cheltenham Festival is to be the head of the new outfit. She went to school with Boris and is “friends” with people. Dominic Cummings and is delighted and in fact most likely instigated this as he’s upset that Chris Whitty didn’t back Big Dom’s eye test drive to Barnard Castle.
Once again – the public & government – (who are in a public health pandemic – seem unaware what public health actually is) – and have forgotten, or are not aware that public health is also sexual health services, advisors on food standards, tobacco control, drugs and alcohol, data and health equity (stopping postcode lotteries) and behaviour change, mental well being, policy on air quality, child health services as well as improving the quality and safety of NHS services. Have they forgotten – or perhaps don’t care?
What government dismantles a public health organisation in the midst of a  health crisis? They even call the track and trace – the NHS track and trace – even though it’s not NHS.
They took Public Health out of the NHS – which means public health doesn’t have access to NHS data. They put their cronies in charge of Track and trace – sidelining local teams. Then they blame public health for failing. It’s a  ridiculous and very dangerous game they are playing with OUR lives.
And yet the Daily Telegraph, Times, Sun and Daily Mail readers believe them.
My boss said he felt like going on strike – though obviously we won’t.

Wake up Britain. The world is sleepwalking into a strange rabbit hole. This lot is not keeping you safe.”

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