Would you want the same people who repair our roads to run all our services in ‘Your Waverley?

Unitary Authority Map of Surrey

 Here’s a pretty picture of the county of Surrey – which could become a behemoth – Council with 1.2m residents called The Surrey Unitary Authority!

Why? Simples: As Cllr Liz Townsend said at ‘Your Waverley’s’ Full Council meeting recently, The fight to stop Surrey County Council’s power grab has begun.

Cllr Liz Townsend called the county bid “discourteous and predatory” and saw an even darker scenario behind the bid.

“This is an attempt to cut out and weaken the local planning process. To open the doors to development on more green fields. We would be better served to tell the Government that there are currently one million homes granted planning consent that have not yet been built and that is the real uncut truth.”

And here’s the man leading the power grab – Leader Tim Oliver.


In Tim Oliver’s letter  to the Secretary of State asking for Surrey to become a Unitary Authority includes this sentence:-

“We can build more homes more quickly and develop the high streets and town centres of the future, but to do this we need to streamline decision making on planning and infrastructure with a single clear strategic approach.

We can tackle inequality and level up within Surrey to ensure inclusive growth. We can reach net-zero carbon emissions and deliver a greener future. Our One Surrey Growth Board is well-placed to provide the place-oriented leadership and strategic co-ordination to deliver this.”

Want to know which areas have been earmarked on Oliver’s Surrey Growth Board? 

You can read about those areas here: Now, look at Surrey County Council’s cunning plan for ‘Your Waverley’s’ eastern villages.

The Government will publish a Recovery and Devolution White Paper in the autumn, setting out its plans for the devolution of powers, freedoms and flexibilities alongside intentions to increase the number of unitary and combined authorities and elected Mayors.  Doing so will support the achievement of the 2030 Community Vision for Surrey.



6 thoughts on “Would you want the same people who repair our roads to run all our services in ‘Your Waverley?”

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head on this one!
    As well as the Devolution and Recovery white paper there also a Planning Reforms white paper. And guess who is the Secretary of State for both?
    Yes it’s Bob the Builder (Robert Jenrick) clearly the “recovery” part of the paper is going to be based on Boris’s “Build Build Build” mantra.
    Local Planning Authorities are the only defence against Waverley becoming a bonanza for the developers!

    1. We await with baited breath the Planning Reforms white paper – coming to local authorities soon. We bet they can hardly wait?!?

      Bulldozer Boris along with his mate Bob the Builder – every developers’ friend – will be able to carve up the country with the help of all those compliant planning inspectors’ eager to dump developers’ costs onto them following their successful appeals if they get half a chance.

      It can only get better? Now we hear that prefabricated buildings are Boris’s latest toy. – The throw-them-up quick brigade will be laughing all the way to the bank after they have provided shedloads of rubbish for us to live in?

  2. Isn’t this the same body that has had hardly any income from its commercial investments. Can’t be because they seem to think they know how to revitalise our high streets

    1. Yep! The very same outfit that invested circa £58m in the Blightwells Redevelopment restaurant and retail scheme currently under construction here in Farnham?

      Perhaps someone will tell us exactly what income it’s property portfolio is currently generating. Another reason to want the whole of Surrey’s assets and debts to drop into one big pot?

  3. If Surrey Highways and Surrey Planners are an indication of the level of professionalism that may come from a County unitary authority then God Help Us! They are amateurs.

  4. Whatever group has/is in power at Waverley – they have been hampered for years by the unprofessionalism of Surrey County Council.

    Surrey highway honchos are a flaming disgrace – whether commenting on planning applications, dealing with highway and pavement maintenance or making improvements, maintaining run-down schools, or providing services to the elderly.

    God help us all – beam us up Scottie before we are taken over by an authority that makes amateurs look like experts!

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