Ignore the member for Alfold at your peril Waverley Borough Council.

Kevin Deanus

Cllr Kevin Deanus – Tory Member for Alfold, Cranleigh Rural and Ellens Green.

Because – he’s mad…

very mad or as Blackadder would say, “He’s madder than Mad Jack McMad – the winner of last year’s Mr Madman competition!

Cllr Kevin Deanus – one of the few councillors to be returned to Waverley  unopposed wants answers.  

WHY? Because he represents the people of Alfold – slap bang next to the proposed new Dunsfold Garden Village  which is in his ward. However,  he claims he has been shunned, ignored and sat upon, from a great height – by Waverley’s new boys on the block.

The Tories once did it to one of their own when they were in power. They refused    to allow Cllr Liz Townsend to join the influential planning committee to prevent her fighting against the huge growth of Cranleigh New Town. Now she’s an Independent with a role on the Executive. 

At Wednesday’s Full Council Cllr Deanus wants answers: Here are his comments and questions.

Dunsfold Park is situated within the Ward of Alfold, whom I am proud to represent. The planning permission granted to build 1800 homes, and ultimately, 2600 homes, is the most significant approval in Waverley’s history, both in terms of size, and the disruption to local residents over many years.

On the 8th June 2019, some 13 months ago, I emailed the Leader, Councillor Ward, and copied all Councillors, about my concern how the executive planned to oversee the development at Dunsfold Park. On the 16th July 2019, when raised at Full Council, the leader stated,

“Regular meetings will continue, and we are in the late stages of the process of establishing a Dunsfold Park Garden Village Board”.

On 18th September 2019, at Full Council, the Leader presented the new Corporate Strategy. He will recall that I spoke on the matter with both dismay and astonishment when I read from the Corporate Strategy,

“We shall develop a more open, inclusive approach to communications and decision making”, and “we will be an open, democratic and participative Governance, valuing the worth of all residents”.

I reminded Councillor Ward that he had failed on all of these Corporate Priorities as I was still waiting for the decency of a discussion about how the Dunsfold Park Governance would work.

On the 8th October 2019, a Dunsfold Governance Structure was finally presented at Council. I had not been consulted, and my extensive knowledge of the site and surrounding area was clearly not valued, or simply ignored. I pointed out the glaring and obvious omissions. The structure had failed to include the ward member (and members from surrounding wards), the Parish Council, who represent the community at ground level, and members of the public. I reminded Councillor Ward of the Corporate Strategy and how it had failed at every hurdle. Members of the Executive looked extremely embarrassed, and the leader did offer a form of apology, stating it would be sorted. An informal discussion took place after the meeting, and later I followed this with a further email requesting a resolution.

Councillor Ward did respond and promised to send some dates to arrange a meeting. Some 9 months later I am still waiting for this to happen. I also spoke to a member of the Executive, who I will not name, who was embarrassed and apologised.

Q To summarise my questions are:

1. Since the 16th July 2019 to the current date, can the Leader detail the formal meetings with Dunsfold Park senior management he has held regarding the development, and provide me with copies of these minutes?

2. Can the leader detail meetings held within the formal Governance Structure, approved by full Council on the 8th October 2019 to the current date, with copies of the minutes and dates, and additionally, those from the Dunsfold Park Village Board meetings identified and raised by the Leader at Council on the 16th July 2019?

3 . Having highlighted the blatant omissions regarding participative governance, local engagement and valuing residents, does the Leader believe this is a good example of his Corporate Plan aspirations?

4. As we are now 13 months on, will the Leader confirm he actually will discuss the issue with me and produce an amended Governance structure that includes Alfold Parish Council and Local residents at the appropriate level?

5. Would the leader agree that the community have been dealt with in an unprofessional manner or will he say he is proud of this reoccurring reluctance to engage. After 13 months the issue of local Governance has not been progressed, promises of meetings have been ignored, and the Governance structure from the 8th October 2019 still remains unchanged?

Watch this space when the leader John Ward has to answer on Wednesday at Full Council – on Zoom. 


5 thoughts on “Ignore the member for Alfold at your peril Waverley Borough Council.

  1. Good for Cllr Deanus – It is about time that the residents here in the East had some information about this Development. Too many others are jumping on the “Dunsfold Garden Village band wagon” The residents of Dunsfold, Alfold & Cranleigh will have years of development ahead of them so some clarity would be beneficial.

  2. Yes, who is providing all the infrastructure for all those hanging on Dunsfold’s coat tails? – All the developers following Boris’s build, build, build mantra but providing no infrastructure.
    . WW cannot help wondering if DP will ensure that every resident of the new garden village gets a pass to jump on its transport system, which we can recall was offered – in perpetuity – and all those other developers will be forced to provide their own transport; schools, health facilities etc…?

  3. Why won’t Ward just kick this over to Councillor Townsends – she was given the Dunsfold job when she joined the head team………………? But perhaps that is what Deanus is banking on.

  4. I just think we need to see the details of the meetings that have happened so far – Then make that decision – The fact that they have withheld from the Local residents is Rubbish –

    Come on WBC Pull your finger out and give US the information we deserve and least then we know what is coming

    I would also hope the other Eastern Councillors will support this view – Roll on Wednesday

  5. Well ……….watching the Council meeting this evening (Don’t watch Footie!) I thought Cllr Ward was somewhat condescending to Cllr Deanus – and had very cleverly preempted the situation in advance of Cllr Deanus’ question by saying papers would be revealed to the Councillors regarding the various DP meetings… We will just have to see what they say – I would hope that Cllr Townsend will SHARE also

    Got to be honest not holding my breath to see them … I cannot help but feel that the Leader and Deputy have become a little too big for their Boots. What is the saying about Power? So many and usually refer to men – But I like this one….

    “All the power that we exercise over others depends on the power we exercise over ourselves…”

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