Come on Jeremy – now answer your Labour Party critics?

jeremy huntWill he – won’t he…? Please tell us all Jeremy why you talk one way and act another. Perhaps you could give it some thought?

Here’s a message we received from one of our followers.

Good Afternoon Waverley Web,

Below is an open letter that I have written, in my role as the spokesperson for the South West Surrey Constituency Labour Party. We would be obliged if you could publish this, please. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Dear Mr Hunt

I am dismayed and confused that you voted ‘No’ to routine testing for all NHS and Social Care staff last week.

You have been vocal in calling for mass testing of NHS workers and social carers. We have witnessed your persistence on this matter on social media, the print media and indeed on your many radio and tv appearances, including the comments you’ve made as Chair of the Health and Social Care Select Committee. It’s an area that you’ve articulated your views clearly.

I would, therefore, like to understand why you chose to vote ‘No’ to the motion committing the Government to the weekly testing of all NHS and social care staff on June 24th. In the debate, you said, “If we want test and trace to be effective here, we need to introduce mass testing, starting with health and care staff, and we must not delay.” You were congratulated on your stance by the Labour spokesperson. You then proceeded to vote against it, preferring a motion which vaguely gushes about the Government’s “tireless efforts” and fails to pledge any action for care staff at all.

Studying the debate I see that the Opposition offered to accept that general weekly testing would take time to achieve, but the Minister merely promised testing of NHS staff “where appropriate” and completely ignored the call for testing of social care staff which you had endorsed just moments before.

There are numerous care homes in this constituency, the staff and residents deserve the utmost support to ensure their safety. As a concerned member of our community, I ask: why did you fail to support these front line workers?

Yours sincerely


Tim Corry
The Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate
South West Surrey, 2019

We all wait with baited breath to hear if Mr Corry gets a response – but don’t hold your breath too long Mr Corry – because breath is so good for you!

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