Surrey residents, including some in Waverley, have experienced a spate of phone and doorstep bank frauds.


Police are warning Surrey residents, particularly the elderly, to beware of bogus phone calls and phoney doorstop “couriers” in bank frauds.

In most cases, unscrupulous villains target the over 60’s.

The Waverley Web has heard of several possible victims who managed to steer clear due to police warnings.

But Guildford has not fared so well where there have been 20 reported crimes, with crooks impersonating police or a bank official. 

The phone caller usually claims that someone has been arrested and an investigation is underway as their debit or credit card has been used.

The caller says they need the resident’s help by giving their PIN and card details over the phone or handed to a courier they will send. In four of the recent Surrey cases, a courier turned up.

Fortunately in only six of the 20 recent attempts were successful. However, the personal total loss of £58,705 is huge. The highest single loss is believed to be £22,000.

Older people are particularly vulnerable and the ideal target. All victims were over 60, most over 75 and the oldest 94. Sixteen victims were female, most living alone. In one unsuccessful case, the victim’s husband had passed away just two weeks before.

Police are offering support and advising about prevention because victims can be targeted frequently.

PC Bernadette Lawrie BEM, the Financial Abuse Safeguarding Officer for Surrey Police said: “This is a heartbreaking crime that preys on the most vulnerable in our communities and often targets a generation who believe in helping police and want to do the right thing.

“It can leave victims feeling embarrassed, low in confidence and blaming themselves, which they absolutely mustn’t. The only people to blame are the immoral perpetrators of this crime.

“Remember, no police officer, or bank staff on the phone, will ever ask for your bank details, PIN or for cash. Don’t give your details or cash to anyone in these circumstances. Hang up the phone straight away.”

Top tips to help stop this type of fraud are:

  • Act with care if you get an unsolicited phone call;
  • Never transfer funds into a new account on the instruction of an unexpected caller, even if they tell you the account is in your name;
  • Always check your phone line has properly disconnected before making another call. Call a good friend first, wait five minutes or use a different phone;
  • Never share your PIN code or enter your PIN into a telephone;
  • Never withdraw money and hand it to a “courier” or “police officer”; and
  • Never give your bank cards to anyone who comes to your door.

For further advice and information on preventing this type of fraud, see the Surrey Police website linked here:

One thought on “Surrey residents, including some in Waverley, have experienced a spate of phone and doorstep bank frauds.”

  1. My advice for those who still use land line, is to buy a phone that will display the caller’s number (although sometimes it can be “withheld”) and organise this and the messaging service with BT. Then enter all your contacts by name into the phone’s contacts list.
    So when the phone rings and you don’t recognise the number – don’t answer. If it’s that important they’ll leave a message! The same process applies with mobiles.
    I appreciate some elderly people might have some difficulty in doing all this, so if you know someone who complains of nuisance calls then help them out. I’ve done this for a few neighbours and it’s helped relieve so much unwanted stress!

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