These boots were made for walking…

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And that’s what they’re gonna do – In Godalming’s High Street when the shops throw open their doors next week.

Here’s a message from  Godalming Councillor Paul Follows who has been accused on the Waverley Web by former Tory Borough Cllr Jim Edwards of …
“a spate of self promotion he needs to ensure that members of the Executive attend meetings and get on with the job on how best to serve our hard pressed ratepaying residents.”


And there we all were  thinking that Paul Follows is/was/and has been doing his damnedest, along with his colleagues to keep us all supported, informed and in touch – during these unprecedented times? However, Sunny Jim obviously has a different view.
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This meeting has already taken place. However the link to the agenda and papers are here on this link:…/0.-26-May-2020-PM-Agenda-Zoom…


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