Zoom in on Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s latest cunning plan?

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Rumour has it that the Cranleigh charity thwarted by the Borough’s planners in BC – that’s life Before Covid – may be gearing up to have another crack at the whip.

On the basis that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try and try again, CVHT (Cranleigh Village Health Trust) formerly known as CVHT (Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust) – confused?  You will be!  They had to drop the ‘H’ word, as in ‘hospital’ because it was just too hot to handle.  And ‘hospital’ suggests that local people might want to use the facility they fund-raised for, whereas substitute the word ‘health’ and the world’s your oyster … at least it is if you’re a fee-paying wannabe nursing home resident, as opposed to a fund-raising local resident who wants to stay in the hospital you donated your hard earned dosh to!

So, will it be Plan 5?  Or is it Plan 6? … Or Plan 66?  Lets recap, shall we?

• First it was a replacement for the old Cottage Hospital, closed down by local health chiefs
• Then it was a replacement Cottage Hospital AND   a new GP surgery – with ambulatory services – and a Day Hospital, with minor injuries
• Then it morphed into a nursing home, with 20 community beds for ‘local people’
• Then it mushroomed into an even larger Care Home – with 20 community beds for anyone from anywhere – and they wanted to bolt on a block of apartments for local health-workers

Then … wait for it … wait for it… drum roll:

• They wanted a Care Home, 20 community beds AND an apartment block with 28 bedsits for health-workers from anywhere in the Primary Care Trust, or is that now Surrey Heartlands area!

Before you know it, they’ll have sold the site to McCarthy & Stone and they’ll be building luxury apartments for the over 55s from anywhere as long as they can afford them!

And, in case you’ve forgotten in all the drama of the Covid Crisis, this land they want to build on was once owned by Cranleigh parishioners.  CVHT snaffled it in what was sold to Cranleigh residents as a ‘land exchange’ but turned out to be nothing short of a ‘land grab’.  The land is now valued at £2.5 million by CVHT so, personally, we’d call that daylight robbery!

On Thursday evening representatives of the Cranleigh Village Health Trust (CVHT) formerly the Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust (CVHT) will make a presentation to village leaders.  Not in person of course – the organisation will appear on Zoom – before a line-up of parish councillors including members of Waverley’s planning committees, one of whom is Chairman of Waverley’s planning committee.

Presumably, both Waverley BC and CVHT are hoping that out of sight is out of mind and they’re planning a stitch-up.  Whereas, what the residents of Cranleigh really want is a hold-up!

in a CONFIDENTIAL SESSION of the parish council and behind closed doors, councillors will consider another item on the Agenda. 

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13 thoughts on “Zoom in on Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s latest cunning plan?”

  1. I thought it had been decided that this planning application, was not a viable project for the community. Have people forgotten it is our land, and our money that is being used, so therefore the community of Cranleigh has to be involved in any decision making.- no behind closed doors. Who ARE the Leaders involved.

  2. Sorry we cannot help with your question – who are the leaders involved. We only know about the ones who got away- most recently the |Developer Duo Vrijland and Leahy.

    We do not believe the presentation will be behind closed doors – so you can listen at your will by going to the Agenda and just signing on with Zoom.

    However, we expect the behind closed doors bit by the parish councillors is a little more complex. Probably legal advice on the Covenant the two parties entered into when the land was exchanged – for a “hospital.”

  3. Facts

    Field that belonged to the people of Cranleigh was sold for a £1 no consultation with us the owners, parishioners.

    This field was vital to certain dubious business men who needed to extend the parish boundary for their gains. Yes, you got it houses houses houses.

    20 years later it is still vital to somebody WHO WHO ??????

    Most of the original people involved have either resigned through concern that the CVHT mission was no longer true to its original aims.

    Others resigned because it was no longer the money machine they dreamed it would be.

    Others got their money and ran as fast as their feet could go.

    Possible ideas

    Is oil and gas under this site?

    Is another invisible business group ready to snap this site up for their gains not ours?

    Cranleigh is suffering, business are closing, why, because these greedy people wanted to line their own pockets not ours.

    I am a boring old fart that has followed this for years look at the facts go to Company’s House look at the amount of officers that have resigned from this charity. Ask why the latest people have resigned it doesn’t take a genius to work this one out.

  4. We have tried to contact former Trustees on many occasions, but with the exception of one who contactedus to put the record straight, we have not heard a word from the string of Trustees who have resigned over the past 20 or more years? We have often wondered why? Have they left the area?

    We shall wait and see what this dubious bunch have up their sleeve this time. Who will make the presentation to the parish council?

    All may soon be revealed, but it is our guess this saga could rumble on for another couple of decades – until the planners give in and all those who dug deep into their pockets are either too old to care, or have died! What a sad saga this is for all you good souls over there in the east?

  5. This lockdown has given me the rare opportunity to observe the sessions at other towns and parishes (normally they clash with my chairing or being at Godalming TC but lots of the dates are different over zoom). So I have managed to get to an FTC session, 2 HTC neighbourhood plan sessions – looks like I will be adding a CPC session to that list now too!

  6. Good news and same here. We wish all council meetings took place on-line . Now we can all hear everything straight from the horses mouth.

  7. I suspect this contentious item on tomorrow’s agenda might be deferred to a future date?
    Too much publicity and scrutiny – especially online. If they do, they will probably announce they want more public consultation (Ha!) but more importantly, they need a proper site visit.

  8. Just for your information, it is not Care UK that owns Knowle Park Nursing Home, it is Caring Homes Healthcare Group.

  9. Is there any update on where this application is now?

    It doesn’t sound like a good idea at all as the community benefit is zero for a care home, especially so close to the village where space is at such a premium already.

    There is sooo much that space can be used for to truly benefit the aging and other members of the community.

    How wonderful it would be if more thought was given to how can we keep people out of care homes by supporting the health of our aging population rather than building more student beds in miserable environments just to make some money.

    I would love to have bought that land for £1 purely to create something for community wellbeing.

    Gardening and Posh Allotments, Outdoor Exercise and Activities Area, Outdoor Pool and Health Spa with Saunas, Wildflower Garden, Nature Trail, Bee and Wildlife Sanctuary, Health and Wellness Centre, Crazy Golf, Lake / Duck pond / Park, oh so many possibilities!

    1. Sadly, nothing of which we here at the Waverley Web are aware. However, being Farnham-based, no doubt the villagers over there in Cranleigh will soon let us know of any developments of the CVHT kind. Most people over there seem to agree that there is Zero support for a Care Home. However, we cannot see the so-called ‘charity’ handing it back to the village any time soon! Wouldn’t we all have wanted to buy the land for a £1, and lob in a bit of useless agricultural land into the parish council’s pot. Like most of your suggestions – perhaps you should put them forward to CVHT. Crazy Golf sounds as though it would be perfect for a Charity that has trousered the public’s money to build a hospital!

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