We know it’s tempting but please don’t light bonfires.

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Burn Baby Burn When ya gonna learn to put out that fire?

The dumps- recycling centres – are shut – the rubbish is piling up, but …

Waverley Borough Council is appealing to residents to consider the “Five C’s” when it comes to getting rid of rubbish through the Coronavirus pandemic.

The annual garden Spring Clean will be on hold until…?

·    Consider: Do I need to create the waste at this point in time – or can it wait?

·    Cut back: Reduce the quantity of waste produced by the household – and re-use items that can be re-used

·  Compost: Start composting garden waste

·   Compact: Reduce the bulk – and store until more frequent collections return

·   Care: Think about your neighbours, the community, the bin collection teams and other key workers who are doing what they can to help people at this time

Steve WilliamsCouncillor Steve Williams, Waverley Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainability, said:

“As with many councils across the UK, we have been working hard to try and keep bin collections running as normal during the Coronavirus pandemic. In light of government advice, Community Recycling Centres have had to temporarily shut, and we expect to see an impact on our services because of staff shortages; that’s why we are offering some advice on how to reduce waste and asking for residents’ help during these unprecedented times.”

The council has also asked residents to consider their neighbours and the wider community and to avoid burning waste.

Councillor Williams added:“Bonfires in back gardens can not only be anti-social but can have a very real impact on people with breathing problems which, of course, under current conditions, needs to be avoided at all costs. They can also present a fire risk which would draw on the already strained resources of the emergency services; garden waste can be composted, or you can store until normal service is resumed.”

Those persistently burning waste in their gardens can be liable to a fine of up to £5,000.

“We are asking people to please think of their neighbours and surrounding communities in these difficult times; if we each do our bit; we can pull through together.”

To keep up-to-date with the situation, you can visit http://waverley.gov.uk/bonfires or follow us @WaverleyBC on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.  You can also see some useful information about composting at https://www.surreyep.org.uk/




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