Now its Farnham Town Council’s turn to be ignored by Waverley Planners?


Here’s our post on a so -called ‘Non Material Amendment’ (NMA) you know those little changes that developers fall back on every time they want to do what they  intended  at the planning application stage but didn’t want to make waves!  You know, like getting rid of the wildlife, trees, etc?

Waverley Planners could have a riot on its hands if it allows the removal of heritage trees developers claim could blight Blightwells

Now the Town Council has stepped into the fray.

The thorny issue of trees about to get the chop in Farnham’s Blightwells development is now capturing the attention of Farnham residents – and many others around the borough who have, or are about to suffer, the same fate. 

Although we have to mention that most developers ensure any problem trees that may get in their way are  felled BEFORE, they apply for planning permission!

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 20.27.59.png

Brightwell House post closure.jpg
Just a couple of little-old trees at Brightwells House in Farnham before developers arrived on the scene. But, don’t worry chaps – we’ll give them the heave-ho later so we can get a couple of extra shops in?

Oops! We just might have constructed our buildings a bit too close to the trees. Ah, well never mind, we always knew it would be a problem but a little old NMA will soon sort that out – won’t it?


Oops! We think the trees just may reach into the windows in a few year’s time? We might not be able to sell if there is a loss of light?

No wonder Crest Nicholson want to remove the trees – because as you can see it has built the buildings too damn close. Or, did they just grow like Topsy overnight when nobody was looking?

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