Like everyone The Waverley Web is in a sticky situation.

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Despite the current  Coronacrisis – and, no, it’s nothing to do with the beer! – our team here at the Waverley Web remains active, and all are now working from home. Not on the train, standing in an overcrowded corridor, or perching on the loo, hoping no one notices and a queue isn’t forming outside!  It’s an ill-wind and all that …

In the absence of council meetings, either at Waverley or Surrey County Council, much of what we thought was an inexhaustible source of material is no long available.   Whoever would have thought it?   Certainly not us!

So there you have it, dear readers, for the first time in the Waverley Web’s existence, our correspondents have time on their hands and we’re twiddling our thumbs!  Therefore, if any of our readers want us to highlight or cover any particular items of local interest or to investigate any burning issues or topics, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  We’re raring to go.

We  know there’s a lot of craziness and uncertainty around the borough – not to mention the rest of the world – right now, but, remember, in 1665 when Cambridge University closed for a year because of the Great Plague of London, a young scholar named Isaac Newton was sent home.

While at home, he discovered Calculus and refined the ideas that later became his theory of gravity.

In 1606, Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, King Lear, and Anthony and Cleopatra while quarantined at home.

We may not be Newton or Shakespeare, but during this enforced change of lifestyle (we are still doing the take out the two hour commute, at either end of the day, and that’s a lot of spare time to fill) we could all be stronger when all of the craziness passes away. Our priorities will certainly be different.

Although we all currently remain well, our contributors are made up of the young, middle aged and those who  now wear the badge ‘vulnerable, elderly,’ a tag which has not gone down too well here! But we are all becoming acutely aware that we are ALL vulnerable, as Government statistics now spell out for us on a daily basis. Even the heir to the throne!

We cannot stress enough how important it is to do the Government and the`NHS’s bidding. We have already received messages to our e-mail address informing us of a selfish minority who continue to ignore the rules and are putting the lives of health-workers at risk. Staff of 111 in the borough of Waverley are already suffering, and so are GP’s and nurses. So for heavens sake – lock down now rather than be knocked down later!

Prior to the latest lockdown, a new craze was sweeping dinner parties in Well-to-do-Waverly.  Instead of Bring a Bottle, it was Bring-a-Bog-Role!  The mind boggles …!  Before we know it, bidets will be back in fashion!!!


4 thoughts on “Like everyone The Waverley Web is in a sticky situation.”

  1. I do hope those that are forced to stay at home realise in fact they are the lucky ones.
    Spare a thought for the thousands upon thousands of key workers who are helping us survive by providing essential services:
    Gas & Electricity
    Landline & mobile phones
    Refuse Collection
    The list goes on and on……
    Not forgetting of course our local grocery stores, butchers and bakers. So my advice is to shop local. You may be surprised by their full shelves!

    1. Yes we will be indebted for many years to come to all the key workers carrying out essential services – we salute them all.

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