The bulldozers roll into town to make Godalming into a Godawfulming.

Here comes another so called Park?


Whoops there goes another lump of countryside – to build yet another 262 home estate – with homes built of tacky-tacky and they all look the same? Will we see replicas of all those other Cala Homes in Farnham, Grayshott, Cranleigh – Alfold, etc…?

Another shedload of ‘Grey homes’ on the green fields of Godalming – on a site removed from the Green Belt and surrounded on three sides by land of Great Landscape Value. A development that was voted through by the Tory block that once held power at ‘Your Waverley,’ in the face of massive local opposition – including that of Godalming Town Council.

 Work has begun in earnest building the new houses at Aaron’s Hill in Godalming  – the scale of it is massive with a huge entrance already created – poor old Eashing Lane is taking all the construction traffic – primarily it is single file all the time because of parked cars.
Three houses have been lost at the top of Aaron’s Hill to make way for the second entrance.
What the traffic will be like once the houses are built and occupied is anyone’s guess? Nightmare for sure as it’s already queued back to the top of the hill in Eashing Lane in rush hour and back to Secretts on the Portsmouth Road, trying to get through Godalming. Hello gridlock here it comes?

You can hear what one Godalming resident had to say about the scheme when it was voted through in the clip below – and you can read what the ward councillor had to say about it  in the same link – shortly before he became deputy leader of the Council and the Tory administration was battered in the local elections.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 00.12.31.png

Here’s what one Godalming resident thinks of Waverley Planners and developers – ASSHILL.

The new entrance to the building site – left turn only for traffic meaning everything will have to use Eashing Lane.
Dig, dig, dig, dig – the whole day through.




So much for affordable housing? Wonder how much the 5 beds will be? Similar to Farnham’s perhaps over £1M?


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