Election predictions for Guildford and South West Surrey

In Guildford it could go either way, in South West Surrey there could be a big upset if the great and good stay at home. There is everything to play for.

Yougov predict:
Guildford: Small Conservative win
South West Surrey: Hugely reduced Conservative Majority
Cratus predict: 
Guildford:  Liberal Democrat win
South West Surrey: Conservative hold

Boris predicts: “If the price of loyalty is losing Guildford, then so be it”


Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 14.12.26Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 14.11.51

Political lobbying company Cratus have called Guildford for the Lib Dems (see their analysis below) and SW Surrey for Jeremy Hunt (no surprise there then). We checked out their team, and were surprised to see former Conservative Minister Stephen Dorell amongst the team, and also surprised to see him urging voters to support Paul Follows! Has he recognised that Mr Follows is a “man of the people” who doesn’t drive a car, let alone an expensive car, uses public transport – when it can be found, isn’t a homeowner at 33 years-old – let alone a Buy to Let landlord with a shedload of homes. And guess what, in addition to his public role – he works and is on PAYE! 
And then we did a double-take to see who the other political heavyweight on the team were other than former Waverley Leader Julia Potts!
Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 15.10.12

Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 15.10.53

Stephen Dorrell 1

Here are the Associates of Cratus Communications who made the predictions above. Julia potts top row far left is the former leader of Waverley Borough Council.

Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 15.12.44

We prefer to stick to our friend’s suggestions for voting, and for this, we turn to former Waverley Councillor and local Planning Lawyer Adam Taylor-Smith, who may be supporting Jeremy Hunt, but seems to be urging us to vote Labour rather than Lib Dem this time. Does this mean things are even closer than we think?

Screenshot 2019-12-01 at 23.47.27

8 thoughts on “Election predictions for Guildford and South West Surrey”

  1. And just who are the majority of Cratus Communications Clients you may well ask?
    Why they are Property Developers……surprised?
    Julia Potts Cratus profile states: “During her time as Leader she delivered the Brightwells regeneration scheme” (but doesn’t mention the financial mess though) WBC’s partner in crime on Brighwells was Crest Nicholson. And can you guess who are one of Cratus Communications clients? Why none other than Crest Nicholson!

      1. Just a Pinch?
        Perhaps Surrey Highways could give you access to one of their Salt & Gritting trucks!

    1. Quelle surprise! Wasn’t Cratus Communications brought in by Waverley Borough Council to do some sort of strategic overview?

      Will look back on our records.

  2. Does that mean that in her role as an Associate at Cratus, Potty Potts is giving other Councils advice on Town Regeneration schemes?
    God help them!
    Should come with a Local Government Heath Warning.

    1. Bearing in mind the revelations made recently by Cllr Merryweather regarding Brightwells – we sincerely hope that the Potty One isn’t giving advice to anyone. And, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  3. Quite a tart line that on Jeremy prediction: “expect his majority to be reduced dramatically by the Liberal Democrats due to a combination of Brexit and focus on very local issues by the local Lib Dem candidate who is also Deputy leader of Waverley Borough Council”

    urgh! very local issues.. how dare they?

  4. Perhaps if all the candidates concentrated more on local issues the resut next Thursday could be very different to that predicted by the polls?

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