More nursing homes beds on their way to Cranleigh?

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The residents of the eastern villages will no doubt be delighted to hear that yet more nursing home places are on their way to Cranleigh?

At our last count on the Internet- there are around eight nursing homes in the environs – with one- the most controversial FOR 60 BEDS – still hanging in the balance!

But now Waverley planners have to consider an application from Caring Homes Healthcare Group to build 23 additional bedrooms onto the well-established and longstanding nursing home called Knowle ~Park Nursing Home, at Knowle in Knowle Lane in Cranleigh.  The home currently has 46 rooms.

Wow! With rooms like this?Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.21.05.png

Strange as one of our correspondents who rang around the homes over there found every home with vacancies for either respite or permanent care.

Perhaps the eastern villages new homes are being bought, or are expected to be bought up, by elderly people, rather than families, and nursing home operators have their eyes set on future clients?  Mind you with the current fiasco going on in Government – we don’t mention the dreaded ‘B’ word here, because our team is divided – we are all getting older by the minute. Even our youngest team member who voted to REMAIN, says he has visibly aged – and now intends to vote LEAVE!

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