The Lone Ranger rides again…?

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Our moles tell us that ‘LB’ was sat upon-or did they say ‘shat upon’? – very firmly when he tried to bully his Alfold PC colleagues to do his bidding and vote against the application.

But, without the capable assistance of Parish Clerk Crystal Tipps Weddell – who has tendered her resignation and is now demob happy – Little Britton was put back in his box and told, a new regime operates in Alfold now. This follows the departure of the old guard (AKA Nick Pidgeon, Betty Ames, and Crystal Tipps). Perhaps, he will have to become more open-minded and work more co-operatively in the future with the Dunsfold Developer?

The unshackled new brooms on the Parish Council, freed from their jailers, no doubt want a seat at the developer’s table and a hand deep in his pockets. – We presume the ‘DD’ will soon be dishing out largess to mitigate the impact his activities will have on the surrounding community – unfettered of course by the past animosity and money-laundering scandal that shrouded Pidgeon & Crystal Tipps’ final months in office? 

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WW would have thought even the biased Little Britton would have welcomed the creation of a new access road which will take thousands of weekly traffic movements off Stovolds Hill – a lane far narrower than Marwick Lane about which there is always such a song-and-dance. A lane that has taken the brunt of all the aerodrome traffic together with  Dunsfold Road, to a lesser extent, for years – but oh no!  The Lone Ranger pressed the Parish Council, of which he is a member and wannabe chairman, to object.

But they didn’t! 

But never fear Tonto – in the form of Protect Our Little Corner – came riding to the rescue as usual and has written to Waverley Borough Council objecting to the creation of the road until a number of conditions have been met, including a Construction Traffic Management Plan preventing construction traffic from using the western access to the A3 via Marwick Lane. 

Well, they would, wouldn’t they?  Heaven forbid that the well-to-do on Marwick Lane – the postcode Heaven of Waverley – are disturbed.

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WW cannot help wondering if Cllr Britton and Mr. Lees have noticed the new gypsy settlement development which has been under construction for more than a year in Stovolds Hill?  Perhaps they have decided to keep schtum about their other near neighbors’ shenanigans? A site now under construction that adjoins the largest concentration of gypsies in the country?

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4 thoughts on “The Lone Ranger rides again…?”

  1. Will this outfit just let DP get on with it and stop sniping all the time. At least there will be a lot less traffic at Alfold Crossways, one of the most dangerous junctions in the borough of Waverley.

    Glad to hear there are new brooms now sweeping Alfold Parish Council clean – about time too!

  2. An infinitely better access route to the A281 – My Original Objection to this access route was based on the loss of Ancient Woodland as this is no longer the case then it all looks positive.

    I would rather see the speed limit reduced to 30 but heyho you can’t have it all. Finally I would like to see some improvements to Alfold Crossways – as although they are stopping the HGV’s…. it isn’t going to stop the vehicles under 3.5 tonnes from using Compasses Gate and eventually all the residents that will be living on the West of the site. But that is for another day …

    The Double Maple Lined avenue I do think is a suitable tribute to the Canadians… Who would have thought it that Grumpy of Alfold would be in favour!!!

  3. Yes Denise – I do wonder why WW doesn’t read the letters first before having a go. Both Alfold PC and POW have written in support and refer to conditions which were in the original approved proposals, so grumpy or not all are in favour of a new road.

    1. Surprise, surprise! We never doubted Alfold Parish Council’s support and we said so, but as for POW same old, same old, and the proof of the pudding will be in the Masterplan.

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