Who wants to be Canterbury’s new​ Belle?

Having failed to trouser a seat at Waverley Towers, Ewhurst resident Angela Richardson has set her sights higher in her efforts to climb the greasy pole. She wants to become the parliamentary candidate for Canterbury in Kent.

Deserting us so soon Angie? Surely not – there must be a Waverley by-election in the offing soon, patience dear girl, patience. Everything comes to those who wait. And… you have definitely shown you are a determined lady in waiting.

The  – “I’m backing Boris” Tory activist who has clocked up more steps schlepping around the country for the Conservative Party than Strictly’s Anton Du Beck, is stepping over the Surrey/Sussex borders looking for greener pastures. Not too much green left in your area then Angela?

She says: “Having overseen a campaign of unparalleled intensity and dedication by candidates in the run-up to the recent electoral wipe-out of my Guildford Borough Council colleagues, as well as narrowly missing out in the Waverley Borough Council Ward I was contesting to Lib Dem opposition who didn’t even campaign, I can assure you that our Association definitely got the message.”

We hate to tell her, but it was the Rupert Bear scarf wot did it for her! Not those lazy LibDem hunks, who didn’t get off their bunks. Still  – if you had been seen to be backing the Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust in its ruse to trouser planning permission for a Care Home – instead of a Hospital – you too could have scooped up those 30 vital votes in the blink of an eye Angie. That will teach you to serve the residents who elected you to serve the interests of the parish council rather than serve at the altar of the developer devils, dear Angie. – No doubt you will learn how it all works when you get to Parliament. We wish you luck.

Here at the Waverley Web, we see also see that Ewhurst’s belle is backing Boris. Bit rude given how Anne Milton and Jeremy Hunt are her Bezzies?  Or, perhaps not? Perhaps she, like us, thought  Fit Flops was a pair of shoes until Jeremy Hunt came along. No doubt you were as pleased as the residents of Dunsfold to hear on the BBC Surrey yesterday Angela – that he is keeping his options open on the application before Surrey County Council for shale drilling for oil/gas in Dunsfold?   Apparently, he has a lot of friends in Chiddingfold and Dunsfold who are in the industry who are advising him!!??



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