Is there trouble at Farnham’s Mill?

Just one month into ‘Your Waverley’s new administration and as they say in Yorkshire ‘There’s trouble at Mill.”

juliapottsparachuteNo sooner had former leader Julia Potts unhitched her harness and settled into her new seat at Dockenfield Tilford, and Frensham, than the sparks, started flying within the Farnham Residents’ Group. The very same group that claimed it was changing the face of Farnham, by supposedly kicking out the Tories and taking out Politics with a big …


Is the group that prides itself on being ‘non- political’ already showing signs of being just as political as all the rest of the political parties that have held power at Waverley Towers? We hope not.

With John Ward a former Pi**ed off Tory at its helm, it certainly appears so. The pompous, bumptious, self-important John Ward, whose records show only månaged to attend about half his Waverley meetings last year, and even then spent most of his time Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 11.51.11.pngdealing with his phone messages, has, no doubt,  already brought a smile to the Potty One’s face.

In his efforts to ‘take over Farnham Town Council as its Mayor; Waverley Borough Council as its leader’ and the Farnham Residents’ as its Chairman – JW appears to have let a little success go to his head? Or, is it to his wallet?

It is fairly obvious to all Waverley Web readers that the man who founded Farnham Residents’ has been thrown overboard from the Good Ship Ward? Could it possibly be that Cllr Jerry Hyman,  has spoken out too often on the environmental concerns that dog Farnham – its air quality issues – the Blightwells fiasco – the harm being carried out in Waverley’s name to the Special Protection Areas of which Farnham so jealously guards and of which it is so proud?

Let us all hope not for our good town’s sake? Because the man who over-turned the large scale voluntary transfer of Waverley’s council housing stock of which “YW” is now so proud, deserves recognition, not retribution. The man who founded Farnham Residents’ who actually rocks up at meetings, has ably chaired them, and speaks up for the whole borough of Waverley and not just Farnham – hasn’t even received a crumb at John Wards’s round table. In fact, it looks to us here at the WW that Excalibur has been thrust in his back?

Or was John Ward a Tory plant – perhaps destroying a party from within is much easier than from without?

He didn’t even manage to turn up for the first Western Area Planning Committee – sending his apologies – again…

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 08.48.25.pngScreen Shot 2019-06-18 at 08.48.58.png

2007 – 2016 Served as a Conservative.


8 thoughts on “Is there trouble at Farnham’s Mill?

  1. A little unfair on Cllr Ward – he was probably so shocked at ending up leader of Waverley that he has had to go off on yet another well earned cruise.
    However fear not, we have Cllr Follows at the helm to continue the work of getting the committee memberships right, so perhaps there WILL be a role for Jerry after all ?

  2. Not unfair – just telling it as it is David. No doubt Cllr Ward deserves to float his boat on the high seas, for a well-earned rest. From what we heard most of the really hard work fell on others!! No doubt he will soon be back to take control of The Good Ship Waverley.

    We received the following from a Farnham follower to-day which made interesting reading.

    It appears that the Farnham Residents’ Group was not the first call from your pi**ed off Tory colleague. Seems when he threw his toys out of the Tory T’s parambulator he joined UKIP for a year. Though he never attended a meeting there either, you can imagine everyone’s surprise when he then stood as a Farnham Residents’ councillor and then began stabbing its founder in the back to take the reins! Perhaps his next stop is the Liberal Democrats, he hasn’t tried them yet – or has he?

    Thanks for sticking up for your Tory mate we like to see loyalty among you TT’s. Let us all hope Cllr Follows doesn’t let us all down – and we get a Leader at Waverley Towers that we can all respect and trust?

  3. So sorry David it has been a long hard week travelling, as some of us do to London and the rail strike, and rain has robbed us of our usual humerous take on things.

    Fear not our normal sense of humour will be resumed as soon as possible.

    P.S. Perhaps Farham Residents’ should have been more careful what they wished for?

  4. At least if Leader Ward is away on a long cruise or dining with his Masonic Lodge he cannot do anything damaging at the Council.

      • Of course there were lots of Masons among the former Tory councillors and among those still in post Paul. Adam Taylor-Smith knows exactly who they are and so do we here at the Waverley Web.

  5. Ouch! And there were here at the Waverley Web thinking he was once one of your colleagues in the Waverley Tory party? It must be a bitter-sweet irony that he is now in charge of Planet Waverley – and so far, all seems to be going well?

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