Surprise, surprise – guess what Surrey County Council is investing OUR money in now?

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It comes as no surprise to any of us Farnham townsfolk that the investment strategy of our county council wally’s is tainted. We, the council tax payers, pour our hard-earned cash into the great black hole called the final salary pension pot – and then… they invest the money in 28 shops, yes, shops and now…


... Steve McDonald of Divest Surrey, e-mails us with a news update about the campaign to seek the removal of  £145 million worth of climate-wrecking fossil fuel investments by the Surrey Pension Fund.

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 09.35.33.pngDivest intends to hold its planned action on Friday 7th June.

Divest Surrey writes:

‘The main news is that Extinction Rebellion (XR) has joined us in our fight to remove what is now £ 145 million worth of fossil fuel investments by the Surrey Pension Fund. XR was the group who organised the recent climate protests in London and all over the world – and are growing rapidly.

We are asking everyone to come along to the next pension fund Trustees meeting at County Hall, Kingston, Surrey at 10 am on Friday 07 June, and join like-minded members of the public to do what we can to influence those who believe that continued massive fossil fuel investments somehow assures us of a good future.”

This “battle” we are having with the committee is so important. If huge pension funds like Surrey’s along with many other financial institutions all over the world continue to fund the search for more fossil fuel, then as we are all well aware, everyone loses!
Venue Ashcombe Suite, County Hall, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2DN.
Date Friday 07 June
Time 10.00 am – Please be there by 9.45am. As members of the public, we will be escorted to the meeting from reception.


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