Part 2 of Ding Dong the battle has begun to win the Godalming By-Election.


The election  was prompted by the sudden resignation of Godalming Town Council Mayor, and Tory Waverley Borough Councillor Simon Thornton for, undisclosed ‘personal reasons’. Reasons, that the whole town is talking about!

The Waverley Web is  keen to inform Godalming residents of  the reasons why the men and women  featured want to represent them in the Central & Ockford seat for the remaining two years left in the life of both councils.  Although we have managed to contact some prospective candidates – who  replied moments after receiving our requests – others have not been quite so forthcoming! 

Richard Ashworth 1.JPG

Richard Ashworth  is standing as the Labour candidate for the Waverley Borough Council seat. Richard has lived in the Ockford ward for seven years and in Godalming for 30 years.  Both his children and now his grandchildren have attended local schools including Green Lane where he was a representative on the Parent Teachers’ Association.  Most weeks he says he can be found early in the morning swimming at Broadwater Leisure Centre.

‘I am passionate about fairness, especially for young people saddled with debt and little chance of climbing the mortgage ladder. More social and affordable housing is urgently needed, especially for the young, as well as better rent control and more help for those with mental health issues’.

It is time that Waverley Council represented all of its constituents and I will do my best to make sure this happens’.


3 thoughts on “Part 2 of Ding Dong the battle has begun to win the Godalming By-Election.”

  1. I have not received an literature from the Green Party candidate or the Conservative Party candidate are you going to be featuring them as Part 3 & Part 4?

  2. Well, ‘Concerned Resident’ – we too are waiting with baited breath for some literature from the Green Party and the Conservative Party. We wrote to Councillor Tom Martin as he’s one of the head honchos in the party machine at Conservative HQ – nothing – we are now trying another ruse so we will see how that goes!
    Sadly, we think it is possible the Tories are so confident of winning back the seat that they needn’t bother with this “scurrilous website” that keeps on “picking holes” in ‘Their Waverley.’
    Anyway, suffice to say we are being given the cold shoulder, which is why we have snow dropping all over our blog posts! Still, we live in hopes – there’s still time. Maybe, just maybe, we shall write Part 4/5 for them?

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