Bank Holiday Blues for some in ‘Your Waverley.’

Here’s a little billet-doux we received from ROSALEEN EGAN 

27th May 2019

Hi Waverley Web,

Well, I attended the Count yesterday as a UKIP count agent. When I applied ( to Waverley Borough Council?) for myself and four others to attend I had to chase our authorisation letters, only to be told we were not on the list and there was not any room. This foolishness was sorted out but you can imagine my surprise when I arrived at the Count to find Seven  Lib Dem agents. That was it, no TT’s, no Labour, no Greens, no Brexit Party and no Indies!

The Tory Boo Boys just didn’t have the guts to turn up, watching the piles of votes accumulated in the Lib Dem and Brexit Party boxes as this would have silenced them. Someone needs to let them all know that part of the democratic process is going along and watching your party being decimated and learning from that process, not hiding away and saying it is all that nasty Farage man’s fault!

Well done to all the polling staff for keeping their good humour over a very long day ably led by Tom Horwood, who I have to say, is better than Napoleon Wenham by a country mile.


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13 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Blues for some in ‘Your Waverley.’

  1. Can I just ask out of the lab and cons how does theLiberal Democrat’s know who was brexit or remain, was there a separate box to tick on either of those to state that? Or is it just assumed that they were all remainers?

    • So when I’ve been talking about this ive always group the overtly pro-remain (LD, GRN, CHUK) together & overtly Pro-Brexit (BRX, UKIP). Lab and Con are so difficult to tie down on this and so everyone seems to have excluded putting them in either column. I know plenty of Tories and Labour members here in Waverley that stuck to their party and are remainers. I am guess its a huge crossover.

  2. A couple of quickies for Paul Follows- are you the Lib Dem candidate to take on Jeremy Hunt in the next general election? Are you planning on taking over the Lib Dem leadership role as Vince Cable did say he was leaving at the end of this month? The questions may seem a bit random, but we honestly don’t know the names of any other Lib Dem’s and we’ve been discussing these things this weekend.

      • So the answer is ‘yes’ then. I don’t think you’ll unseat Jeremy Hunt though as he does a good job.

      • It is not at all actually. The Waverley Liberal Democrats have a fairly lengthy process to go through to nominate a prospective parliamentary candidate – none of which has been gone through as we have been focussing on the local elections and then the European Elections. If one is called it might speed that process up but probably not otherwise.

        The latter point is certainly debatable though.

        Some positives for individual residents vs. his general management of the health service previously, as foreign sec now (looking better really because who could have looked worse than Boris) as then of course you get onto Brexit…

        What has always been the problem is unity of opposition in terms of ‘chance’

    • Good question Bunty. Hopefully Paul Follows is the Lib Dem candidate to take on Jeremy Hunt. We JH heard him on the radio this morning, and apart from him being a Tory Nob, nephew of former Health Minister Virginia Bottomley, head boy at Charterhouse,former health minister who did so much damage to our NHS, and sent most of our young doctors to Australia and New Zealand, we can see absolutely nothing to commend him as Prime Minister.

      As for communicating with his electorate. We haven’t heard from him for a very long time.

  3. People vote for a candidate to be their MP, they don’t appoint him into any other job. On the MP front he is doing a good job. I don’t fancy your chances against him Paul.

    • We do. Jeremy Hunt is not held in good regard in SW Surrey – particularly here in Farnham.

  4. I’ve been thinking about our week of engaging with Waverley Web. Its been very good for involving people in local politics by the way (except see point 9). I think I’ve gained a clear picture from the posts and the answers to questions posed following the posts. WW seems quite Lib Dem orientated so you may not accept this very long round-up from me but this but it’s politically impartial and largely drawn from what has been written, except for the frustration that the East keeps being neglected and the comment about the Cranleigh Society.

    1) The Mayor is from Cranleigh, but it is in a non-political role, so she represents the whole Borough and not just Cranleigh and it doesn’t matter which Party she is from.

    2) The new administration at WBC (Lib Dem and Farnham Residents) offered two seats on the Executive to the Conservative group. All elected Conservative Cllrs declined, for whatever reason, and their leader took that united message back to the new administration.

    3) Cranleigh and the villages are no better off under this administration with still no representation on the Exec despite the Lib Dems having two elected Cranleigh representatives.

    4) Paul Follows, the deputy leader of WBC (leader in 2020) credits vocal Cranleigh Cllr Liz Townsend’s now irrelevance on his influence and the support this blog has given her.

    5) Perhaps, it’s more likely down to her organising a large protest against the Waverley Conservatives outside the council offices a few years ago (it was in the Surrey Ad), when she was leader of the (I think) now defunct Cranleigh Society. It’s hard to go from poacher to gamekeeper, it’s most likely Liz cooked her own goose with the Waverley Conservatives back then.

    6) Paul Follows has answered questions (mostly) directly. He is not, not, standing for the Lib Dems against the Conservative candidate in the next General Election as there is still to be a selection process unless he is ‘called’. If this is the case Cranleigh and the East would be of no concern to his broader political ambitions.

    7) That could explain why he didn’t feel the need to argue the case with the Farnham Residents that Cranleigh should have representation on the Executive, despite having two Cranleigh candidates to choose from. They can’t both have been paper candidates as he has told us that one is good enough to Chair the joint planning committee. Cranleigh is not in the Waverley constituency as it falls under Guildford, so it’s not in the Lib Dems interest to waste an Exec seat on the East of the Borough if their group leader may have hopes of representing another constituency at Westminster. He could have given Cranleigh representation up for control of the casting vote on the JPC. The rest of the Exec are Farnham Residents in whose interest is in Farnham. Maybe I can be corrected by Paul if this is too much of a leap?

    8) Except for a Cllr Hyman, who has been excluded because he has a record according to WW comments, of standing up for the East despite living in the West and is probably quite a challenging chap to lead as an independent thinker.

    9) Calling contributors T@ssers is poor form and puts people off commenting by the way. Can you find something more pleasant?



    • Just as an aside – I got the WordPress app on my phone, making it somewhat easier to reply to comments (I don’t sit and stare at the thing if anyone is wondering) :).

      1) Yes

      2) We don’t know what happened in their group meeting, all I know for sure is the offer was made to Cllr Potts, some days went past and then Cllr Potts declined on behalf of their group.

      3) How so? The UK cabinet doesn’t represent every single part of the UK directly? (ok probably a bad example as they so massively neglect large swaths of the country). But that’s not how it will be – there is no way my group would allow that either. We are also seeking to change how Waverley is run so we are not necessarily in this position going forward either.

      4) A hypothesis but I do not know the internal working of the Conservative group. Their senior people of course claim not to even read this blog….

      5) Also a distinct possibility!

      6) I am just trying to do a good job for my ward, for Godalming and also for Waverley (in the hats I have now). Besides if you think the Lib Dems in Guildford would let me ‘neglect’ Cranleigh in any way….

      7) None of our candidates were paper candidates as far as I was concerned – and certainly not in Cranleigh. I was over the moon we even got two – was unlucky it wasn’t more tbh!

      I was keen that housing, the budget, standards and the planning committees (as far as possible) had holders on them that I knew and could rely on and ideally be in our remit to nominate. Keep in mind once again I cannot nominate people in other groups and I am not going to interfere in the running of their groups…

      8) see the end of 7.

      I have actually spent a great deal of time in Cranleigh for a Godalming councillor. I also have been to a couple of Cranleigh Society meetings myself. I am happy to discuss anything at any time, if you want to come in to the borough and meet with me or me plus our Cranleigh councillors – please just say or email all of us,, and

    • Last weeks election showed how far Tory support has fallen ..National voting figures suggest it would appear that just 3% of the electorate voted conservative..Even Nigel lost 12 million votes from the referendum so I would advise you that things are changing and very fast….

  5. A great round-up, Bunty.
    Whilst we agree with many of your comments, we cannot agree with them all.

    The East will be well represented by Elizabeth Townsend, Kevin Deanus, and Richard Coles. We will be very surprised if Liz doesn’t make her prescence felt, though we belive she is somewhat restricted by being in the tightly held Tory group. Was she asked by Julia Potts if she would like to join the Executive? Doubt it!

    As for Cllr Hyman – fear not he won’t be trodden on.

    We shall be much more polite in future, and not use Boris Johnson’s term to describe his own colleagues. That is, until predictably, they continue acting as such. WW

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