Close the – flood – Gates?

WW understands  a decision made by Waverley Planners, on what may appear, a very minor planning application, could have implications for other schemes in Knowle Lane, Cranleigh.

The lane in Cranleigh  is currently under siege by developers. Including  some of  own village leaders who want to develop the Beryl Harvey Field, land gifted to the village by a benefactor, and used as a Conservation Area and allotments.

From  what WW can see from this side of the borough, if it doesn’t actually move – someone over there someone wants to build on it. Don’t stand still too long villagers or you might find yourself in concrete boots!

WW wonders why Waverley planning officers are putting up such a weak defence to the Berkeley application. Its appeal for 425 homes goes before an Inspector this week on which officers recommended approval,  but was subsequently refused by councillors. Now officers make this decision for eight homes at The Gate House nearby, using flooding as a reason for refusal.

Reasons for Refusal as follows:

  • Intensification of the use of the relocated access to Knowle Lane.
  • Prejudicial to highway safety. Failed to satisfy Highway Authority there was space for parking and turning.
  • Overdevelopment of the site.
  • Fails to safeguard commercial and employment land. (the site was formerly offices occupied by a local building company.)
  • To large and too dominant.
  • Loss of day light

Most important: “The applicant has failed to demonstrate the development would be flood resilient and that safe access can be achieved in the event of flooding.”

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The government vowed three years ago to set up a special flood insurance for affected properties call FloodRe. Has it begun? No!

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