A health warning for the residents of Cranleigh.

Do not criticise the following if you wish to remain a member of the Cranleigh Community Board run by Cranleigh Chamber of Trade’s head honcho Batty Bamford.

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  • Any businesses or restaurants where you may have experienced less than perfect service. OR YOU WILL BE OUT.
  • If you are a gipsy living in or around Cranleigh –  do not comment on the board – or you will be out!
  • Never ever, ask questions of the Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust.
  • Do not make any reference to the fact that it is no longer a hospital, but is a care home, and do not criticise or question the change/s.
  • Do not criticise or make comments about the huge amount of development now thrust upon Cranleigh. It is there to provide the shops with more footfall and is supported by ‘some’ members of the Chamber of Trade.
  • Don’t moan about traffic or parking problems.
  • Never post pictures of burnt jacket potatoes.
  • The board is there for you to wax lyrical over the delights of living in Cranleigh. If you don’t you’re out.
  • Don’t refer to Batty Bamford as the Cranleigh Dictator who has more fingers in pies than Greggs Bakeries. Our apologies if there is a bakery in Cranleigh?

If you want honest debate, join the alternative called the Cranleigh Community Group that is almost uncensored is run by Andy “Flash” Webb a Cranleigh villager, born and bred and who now lives in Alfold.


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Oh dear! It would appear we have upset the ‘mighty Bamford’ to whom Steve Taylor refers!

Now there we were thinking he was just Batty, but he actually tells porkies too. So we will remind him of this post below when he blocked a Dunsfold Gipsy (Tory Gaskin) who wrote to us over here in Farnham to tell us.

As for your comments about this site supporting developers. Correct. We support developers here in Farnham and in the rest of the borough who build on brownfield sites. Unlike you Mr Bamford who support not only development in the countryside, for your mates, but development on the Green Belt too. Tell the truth Mr Bamford, or someone will tell it for you.

Youth Crime and hate crime is rising in Cranleigh New Town and the Eastern Villages.


6 thoughts on “A health warning for the residents of Cranleigh.”

  1. As a member of the Cranleigh Community Group, I am somewhat surprised at The Controller’s comments following this post on the Waverley Web. A post which has told the truth. All followers of his board witnessed his actions when he removed a traveller from the board. The man was removed because he dared to complain about the closure of all the Cranleigh pubs when a young neighbour of mine tragically died. A funeral which I attended as well as the wake in Guildford. It was not the gypsy community’s intention to drink in a Cranleigh pub. They know they are not welcome.

    We have all witnessed the unpopularity of any questions about the Cranleigh Village Hospital debacle on BB’s board. Everyone knows he is firmly in bed with the developers. One for whom he is a Trustee.

    So, well done Waverley Web for outing him. When he finds out that I have responded on your board, no doubt I will join all those other banned individuals.

  2. As a member of Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce I would like to make the following clear.

    Mr Martin Bamford does not speak for village traders. As a well-established Cranleigh business of long-standing I have never been asked for my comments on development; Cranleigh hospital or anything else.

    Mr Bamford speaks for himself. Most us are horrified at the huge amount of development that is having a detrimental effect on our business. Some landlords are seeking permission to turn their shops and offices into residential accommodation rather than continue trading.

    Perhaps the time has come for Mr Bamford to stop speaking up for the population of Cranleigh, and concentrate on minding his own business.

    Because he certainly does not speak for the majority of Cranleigh traders. We have found the WW highly informative and often very entertaining.

  3. Oh dear! Thank you for your comments and we do hope you are not ditched. However, you could always join the other local board, which doesn’t appear to have the same reluctance to tell the truth.

  4. I was blocked/deleted this evening from the Group BB inherited. Anyone would think he initiated it! I’m more than happy with Andy Webb’s Group as are many more, and finally, even the Dictators’ stalwart supporters are realising he’s not Mr Nice Guy.
    BTW, Waverley Web, Thanks 😉

  5. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The man is power-mad and unless he can control, then I am afraid Lee you and anyone else who disagrees with him must bite the dust. You are not alone – we have heard to-day from traders who belong to The Chamber of Commerce, who say they have never been contacted about views on various issues – but he is their official mouthpiece too.

    Thankfully Andy Webb does not appear to have the same power-complex and is not trying to run Cranleigh like some sort of fiefdom.

  6. My group is for the people of Cranleigh and surrounding villages to have a say on issues that affect them.
    I don’t have many rules on my group and I try to keep a fun and relaxed group to be a member of. It may not be the biggest Cranleigh group but it is becoming more and more popular.
    Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/2254827344751555/?ref=share

    Thank you to everyone who supports a group that works with the community for the community.

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