Has a charity made it’s​ very own April Fool of the​ eastern villages?

Andy Webb’s  hugely  popular Cranleigh Community Group which is gathering  new members every week has been challenging a local “charity.” (We use the word advisedly as it comes with a health warning!)

Mr Webb, nothing to do with the Waverley Web we might add, wanted an open to all comers public meeting, to delve into the shenanigans of an outfit hell-bent on using former villagers’ land and money on which to build an 80-bed private CARE home.

Not a hospital – not a day hospital – not outpatients clinics, but 20 community beds for Surrey – yes Surrey residents so the county council can flog off a former 65-bed dementia home site and build – yes you guessed – 20 or so houses on its land in Ewhurst Road. It’s called laughing all the way to the bank. If they can find one open?

So as you will see from the post below Mr Andy Webb asked the Cranleigh Village “Hospital” Trust to rock up and tell it like it is  – warts and all. So, if the public doesn’t receive a satisfactory explanation, they can ask, for their money or their land back.

So was Retired GP Dr Fawkner-Corbett embarking on an April Fool when he replied that it couldn’t answer residents burning questions because of Purdah!!!

For the uninitiated, that is the period of six weeks, during which – councils, not councillors,  have to shut up and put up.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 21.17.31.png


So whose leg are you pulling Doctor? Or was this part of your cunning plan, to stop the public meeting, and put them off the scent by telling them – “this public consultation event will take place in the Summer,” when you know only too well that you intend to get your planning application passed in April,  so that you can present the donors of your – ill-fated scheme with a fait accompli?

Then, of course, you can tell everyone to roll up-roll up for the Cranleigh Village Hospital Show with planning permission tucked up your ar** where it is safe. 

Ever heard the old adage? You can fool some of the people, all of the time, all of the people some of the time. But not all the people all of the time?

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Where has all the money gone Part 2?

8 thoughts on “Has a charity made it’s​ very own April Fool of the​ eastern villages?”

  1. The way I see it the good people of Cranleigh put hard earned money into this venture so they must be stack holders also. So why are they not been answered. Maybe its because the other stake holders do not want our opinion just our money. ????

  2. It would appear there is nothing transparent about this outfit. We are hearing privately from residents about this nursing home scandal. What is it with Cranleigh people, who are too scared to post their comments on this site. However, we understand a Mafia operates in Cranleigh, according to our informants. A group determined to do with a once lovely village what the hell they like, sacrificing a community for greed.

  3. It seems to us that as the good and trusting people of Cranleigh gave very large donations to this project we should be classed as stake holders. Oviously they only want our hard earned money not our opinions.

  4. Not only are you stakeholders because you donated your hard earned cash, you are stakeholders because the land it is being built on was once owned by the parish council, on your behalf. So its double whammy. We now understand it gets even worse by the day, as confronted with access problems this unscrupulous outfit is forging a new access over?

    Wait for it… the subject of another post to come.

  5. What do you mean new access? What will this mean to Cranleigh? Was this agreed ? We despair what is going on?

  6. Watch this space there will be another post on the amended application, which includes two new vehicular accesses off Knowle Lane. And if Cranleigh doesn’t have troubles enough there are more problems on the way!

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