The donors of £1.5m want to know why their ‘HOSPITAL & Day Hospital’ has​ morphed into a PRIVATE CARE HOME and 20 beds for the people of Surrey?


Village leaders have agreed to calls from the public to allow them to hold a Public Meeting.

Six residents including Mr Terence Bachelor asked for a meeting to be held.

 The Parish Council might find themselves in the hot seat when they are required to provide some answers to the residents of Cranleigh and nearby villages. 

Let’s hope The Cranleigh Village Hospital Trustees will tell it as it is, and attempt  to satisfy residents concerns too?


  • Meetings in 2013 with the Charity were held in SECRET by the late Brian Ellis former CPC Chairman – where a  Restrictive Covenant on the land transfer was changed, despite the concern of councillors Ken and Ruth Reed. 

He said: “As much as we trust our parish council to work in the interest of the village, we can see this project changing.”

WHY? Has the Chamber of Trade changed its view? Secretary Jane O’Leary said: “Residents are frustrated by an apparent lack of openness.”

A REPLACEMENT THE HOSPITAL for which villagers fundraised over £1.5m  has now morphed into something very different.  Proving those earlier concerns were founded.

Now residents want to know, WHY  parish land sold for £1 – will now be handed over on a platter by CVHT to HC-One headed by Mr Chai Patel – a national Care Management Group owners of 350 homes with 19,000 residents.


Planning for an  80-bed Private Care Home, and 20 Community Beds has met numerous delays, having been promised as a replacement for Cranleigh Hospital and Day Hospital for almost 20 years! Now exasperated villagers say they have waited – “long enough for answers” despite numerous attempts to extract them  from the Charity by the Cranleigh Community Group – the Village noticeboard.

Now, the muddy waters of Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust’s scheme have become mired in further controversy following a posting by Cranleigh Society Secretary – Sue Dale, with answers provided by CVHT.

The following throws up more questions than the answers.

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  • So the charity does not actually know how the 20 beds will be used – or who is going to pay for them? Really!
  • So – the NHS will not commit to anything until the planning permission is in place?  No risk there then?
  • So there is no legal, binding agreement with the county council either? Because it will depend on where the need comes from? Bizarre!
  • So exactly what is the model of care?
  • Is a 5-year contract – which is non-existent and renewable every five years going to satisfy Waverley Planners? Does it intend to grant planning permission on a WING and a PRAYER?
  • The CCG (Care Commissioning Group will approve and allocate beds? What exactly is a “cross-section” of requirement?
  • How will they prioritise the residents Of Cranleigh and villages? Keep beds open just in case?
  • HC-ONE will provide the CARE? – What CARE – NURSING CARE? Care homes are staffed by Carers – not State Registered Nurses.  CRANLEIGH VILLAGE HOSPITAL HAD A MATRON – SISTERS – STAFF NURSES!
  • Dr Falkner Corbett claims Cranleigh Village Hospital will have an MRI Scanner soon? CVHT is nothing to do with the League of Friends. How will the League of Friends be raising the money? From the public? and who will that scanner be used by? Surrey residents?
  • A 26 – room hostel block added to the scheme will be provided for Surrey care workers?  

Chai Patel owner of HC-ONE was recently quoted as saying:

“Investing in the Care Home Sector can still be a winner.”

Sounds like a winner for you Mr Patel – and a loser for the village dubbed by Waverley as “Poor old Cranleigh.’

Because Court Canvedish which owns HC-ONE has just sold off all its UK Social Care business to Australian Pensions Giant AMP and is seeking a buyer for its CARE HOME business HC-ONE. So could the proposed new partner of Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust be an Ozzie – or the Chinese – or the Russians?

The other winner is Surrey County Council. Closes down a 65-bed Nursing and Dementia Home – and takes 20 community beds with the NHS on a budget which has not been approved and operated by HC-ONE – a private provider. SCC sells its Longfields, Cranleigh site for – housing? and trousers the money?

The Waverley Web will be at the meeting. Hanging as usual, from one of the dusty corners of Cranleigh Village Hall – if we can find it?animated-spider-image-0201




4 thoughts on “The donors of £1.5m want to know why their ‘HOSPITAL & Day Hospital’ has​ morphed into a PRIVATE CARE HOME and 20 beds for the people of Surrey?

  1. As one of the residents who once genuinely believed in this project, and who was happy to donate money, I am disgusted that this project has now turned into something so completely different. Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate for the land to be returned to the parish council? It could then provide homes for the elderly – within walking distance of all amenities just​ like the former Rowland House & Ivy Hall old people’s units once were?

  2. Here at the Waverley Web – we have been receiving numerous messages along the same lines from other local people, who donated to this appeal over many years. We have also heard from volunteers who helped collect money.

    However, they are finding it difficult to post on the site – due to the requirement to put in an URL address: this is

    Some have said they do not wish to have their names published, as they have been assocated with the Charity in various ways. They have written to us on our e-mail address

    Although we have your e-mail address when you sign in to maske a public comment – this is not available to anyone else. It is completely private. You can call yourself whatever you like. “Worried” “Concerned” or just Anon. However, we monitor all comments and approve them.

    Why are Cranleigh people so coy about making their views known about this controversdial project – we wonder?

  3. WW – This has been my major concern since I Moved here – Why oh Why? are people so afraid to speak up for themselves. No wonder Cranleigh is in the mess it is in and Alfold will follow … it takes no more than a few minutes to oppose something you think is wrong.

    Either the Parish Councillors are not doing their jobs right or people have a genuine reason for being fearful….. You have been in Waverley Longer than me – and I know Farnham are a Mouthy-lot (Meant in the nicest possible way – but at least you guys shout for your rights!)

    I also know Cranleigh has a rather large proportion of elderly residents – But my dad is 85 and can still use the Internet (with Help!)

    For goodness sakes – if Villagers don’t take this seriously NOW they will be moaning about it for the next 20 years!! and their Children’s Children will have to live with this MESS!


  4. You it the nail right on the head. Apathy.

    Our lot over here – and in Godalming and as for Haslemere nobody can hold a candle to that one – brilliant. But the East is either half asleep or they are punch-drunk. We hear from lots of them privately, but there is obviousy some sort of Mafia operating over there?

    We understand that the Cranleigh Community Board is held by one of them – and he decides who wil speak and who won’t. So now to counter-attack another villager has set up the Cranleigh Community Group and people are joining in their droves – so perhaps things may change. We understand many older villagers are taking the line of least resistence and are moving out! Shame on them!

    We will be at the public meeting – a long way for us, but at least we will hear for ourselves what goes on! Incognito of course. WW

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