Here are some of the ​”affordable homes” that have been given​ consent in the east of the borough by ‘Your Waverley.’

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How many of these “affordable homes” have actually been built?

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From our calculations – there may be a handful of “affordable homes” completed in these towns and villages. But so far – Zilch – at Maple Lane, Cranleigh; Zilch at Knowle Park, Cranleigh; Zilch at Hewitts Industrial Estate; Zilch in Elmbridge Road; Zilch in Sweeters’ Copse, or Alfold Garden Centre, Alfold; Zilch at Dunsfold Aerodrome; and Zilch at Backward Point, Ewhurst.

As for the Table below – have you noticed any homes under construction at Dunsfold Aerodrome?

No – because The Protect Our Waverley Group and our MP’s Anne Milton and Jeremy Hunt joined together to jeopardise the scheme which was recently given the go-ahead by the High Court.

So it missed its 2015/16 target – missed its 2017/18 target and will most likely miss its 2018/19 target!

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So there you have it, folks.

Had Dunsfold received consent in 2008/9 it would certainly have prevented most of the development around Cranleigh.   For fear of repeating ourselves – now the east gets the worst of both worlds as planning applications steam in! Blame Robert Knowless and Close the Gates for that huge mistake!

But more recently, the challenge by PoW has held Dunsfold up since December 2016 when consent was granted. So they need about 2 years to deal with the infrastructure before they can start building houses. So they are two years behind thanks to the call in and the court action. So DELIVERY of housing is two years behind and under the new NPPF delivery has become a key target.

So now Waverley is vulnerable on this  – e.g. the recent decision on Folly Hill in Farnham, that has blown a hole in Farnham’s Neighbourhood Plan. 

We here at the WW (blame Knowless, not Potts)  It does seem particularly bonkers that under-delivery results in more planning consents but that is how we read AND – it isn’t all Waverley’s fault. ,

The Government wants to build 300,000 per annum by the mid-2020s and developers can smell weakness so are piling in.

Thank you  PoW and CPRE and our MP’s Messrs Hunt and Milton for helping us all smell the concrete on our doorsteps instead of the coffee! 


6 thoughts on “Here are some of the ​”affordable homes” that have been given​ consent in the east of the borough by ‘Your Waverley.’”

  1. Hi WW
    I am afraid that (YET AGAIN) I have to disagree with you. Despite the various Appeals etc. Dunsfold Park IS in LPP1 and despite that there are still applications flooding in NOW and in the East many are Piggy-Backing off the PROPOSED Infrastructure improvements that Dunsfold Park will eventually have to do under the s106. and let’s be honest we have gone through this so many times, the infrastructure improvements are minimal for a Rural location. They are not building a bally Motorway or opening up the Train station for goodness sakes – just some modifications to the existing A281, which as you are well aware despite it being called an “A” road is in parts very similar to a “B” road.

    Cranleigh – I am afraid was ear marked for all of this for several reasons;

    1.We have no GREEN BELT here because we are rural, we have no SPA’s and no AONB where these new developments are proposed. (with the Exception of DP which IS overlooked by AONB – But that didn’t matter as the view was “ALL” Brownfield anyway)

    2. Being the smallest of the 4 Main Settlements (Cranleigh is just 9% of the Total size of the Borough) It is my Humble Opinion that there was a degree of “Not in my Backyard” within the JPC from all areas outside of the EAST which has ensured that including DP the East is taking 42% of the Allocated Housing in LPP1 and if you Exclude DP it is still taking 23%, of the Total Housing allocation. Little Voices.

    So you can bang on as much as you want about the Dunsfold application – It is not the panacea you think it will be. Having watched the news this morning – younger people want to live in places that have a decent amount of facilities, places they can meet their friends a good Night life and easy transport links to the larger towns – they don’t want to rely on Mum & Dad to drive them and even once they can drive we all know how expensive it is for younger people to get car insurance. And they want decent Mobile Coverage… I can barely send a text message most of the time, let alone use my mobile for anything else. So when On-line shopping requires SMS confirmation to your Smart phone then unless they allow it through a Wifi Connection we will be stumped (Many institutions do not allow SMS via Wifi)

    As for AFFORDABLE HOMES – well they are NOT! 80% of what is one of the most expensive areas in the UK. WBC should be looking to provide SOCIAL HOUSING in Sustainable towns with decent transport links.

  2. The applications will continue to flood in Denise, because there are no homes being built at Dunsfold Aerodrome for thereasons we have stated. Perhaps you are right, and just like all these other developers who claim they are builing affordable homes that are unaffordable – DP will do the same. But let’s wait and see.

    As for the slow Wifi – perhaps this will improve when Sweeters Copse, Brockhurst and Wyevale Garden Centre are all built and occupied. Otherwise why would anyone want to live in Alfold in this day and age?

    Maybe DP will not be the panacea – but let’s wait and see. Because so far non of the other devlopers appear to be coming up trumps – are they?

    Though the Berkeley Bunnies have certainly listened to councillors tonight – and have improved the space standards in the small homes it is building.

  3. Please don’t show the time I am writing this but I have been extending my Puppy Beds to make One that will now fit the little Thug and having no skills in this I am up at “silly-O’clock”.

    I Don’t have a problem with WiFi that is actually Very good in Alfold and we do have Fibre to the Home. My issue was with Mobile Signals of which there is Diddly Squit here – I Generally only get a Signal when the wind is from the East. ( I am kidding but sometimes it works others it doesn’t)

    But I can use the Wifi on my mobile – the Problem I and many others will have is that Many places will not send SMS via Wifi only the Mobile Signal.

    Having said that I see Vodafone are looking to put up a new Mast on the Springbok Estate – Huzzah says I that doesn’t have Vodafone – But it may increase the coverage for the rest of us??
    As for this evenings JPC – I hate the development but it was granted and they HAVE increased the Affordable homes to Government Space Standards – So I cannot knock it at least the people that get those homes will have something that nearly equates to the Market homes – I bet the Councillors were all glad to go home early tonight!!

    It is a horrible extension to Cranleigh – Which is losing Shops and other services by the week (Not to mention the recycling Centre – which I am sure will be given the Heave-Ho in October)

    But as said by so many “we are where we are”

  4. What I don’t understand is when Berkeley Homes applied to build all the houses behind Stocklund Square in Cranleigh, were then refused by WBC, then went to appeal and on appeal were given permission to build them on the condition that the affordable homes were built first. So what do Berkeley Homes do they put in a planning change to WBC to build the high end houses first and surprise, surprise WBC grant it. So can someone explain that to me because if Berkley Homes decide not to build the affordable they are not obliged to!!!!

  5. Sadly you are right. It is beginning to look like that here in Farnham too. Developers appear reluctant to build the social housing first as it doesn’t look good. At Woolmead in Farnham there will be no affordable homes; and in Haslemere developers are in no hurry.

    We notice that on the Knowle Park Initiative site in Cranleigh (Phase 1) there will no affordable homes. You are right – WBC planners – just go along with it and developers rub their hands in glee.

    So where do the homeless go? Some of whom will soon be thrown out of an HMO (Penwerris) in Cranleigh?

    Still we noticed Cllr Patricia Ellis declared an interest because she wants to move into one of the new retirement des res’s once the 24 families have moved into hostels.

    Cranleigh people should kick these self-serving people out!! Particularly all those who stand for parish council seats, and then resign!!

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