It’s not what you say it’s the way that you say it, ​Cllr Hyman.

It’s not what you do but the way that you do it? Are you singing along with us yet?

The predicted snowfall across the South on Friday didn’t prevent Daniel (AKA Cllr Jerry Hyman) stepping into the Lion’s Den – as ‘Your Waverley’ lined up its stormtroopers to bring the outspoken Farnham Residents’ Cllr and champion of our environment, to heel – once and for all.

This post comes with an Elf  &  Safety Warning to anyone wishing to join the council’s ranks:  Unless they are intending to stand for the RULING (or as Non-Conservative voters like to say, rue-the-day Conservatives)  at “Your Waverley’ (YW) – its strapline  – not ours – don’t waste your time and energy,  let alone breath.

‘Your Waverley’s’ Standards Panel came together to judge Cllr Hyman (GH)’s “lack of respect for some officers and a member,” and breaching the Council’s Code of Conduct.   Chaired by the  Tory Whip – Councillor  Michael sleepy – Goodrich also known as Good Riddance. Although in this particular instance viewers of the webcast could be forgiven for calling him, Judge Jeffries! And, who over the seven-hour hearing – created a far worse image of ‘Your Waverley’ in the eyes of the public, than anything Cllr Hyman has ever done!!

The Wonersh councillor likes to joke that he doesn’t have to get elected,  just slide in unopposed every four years, and is infamous for falling asleep on the job. If Wonersh residents had any self-respect they’d dump this ghastly excuse for a councillor and get themselves a real advocate for the village. 

But credit where it’s due, contrary to our expectations. Good-Riddance managed to stay awake in ‘YW’s’ Kangaroo-Court although he failed miserably – to hide his irritation and keep his bully boy ways in check. Look closely if you can bear it, and you’ll see him muttering under his breath as the steam poured out of his ears and nostrils. We all waited with bated breath for his nostril hairs to ignite – and would have happily thrown lighter fuel on the flames!

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 12.15.17

 It was obvious to anyone watching the webcast – don’t do it – it lasted all day and half the evening –  he was in for the kill. All that pent-up anger and rage bottled up at Joint Planning Meetings since the arrival of … THE OPPOSITION spewed out like red hot lava – or do we mean green bile?

Like a mediaeval inquisitor Good-Riddance,  couldn’t wait to poke Cllr Hyman’s eyes out with a hot poker, reminding him that HE  was the Lawyer in this Kangaroo Court,  understood how to barbecue victims, and knew how to brown nose officers. However, GoodR  was somewhat thwarted in his efforts to flay the victim alive  by an independent Consultant and Independent member, who both agreed Cllr Hyman’s passion for abiding by the rules of environmental law may in fact, have led to a breach that was,  “at the finer end of serious.”

GH, a Waverley council tenant and founder of Farnham Residents Group, admitted he was not well equipped to answer the charges against him, had no legal representation and had only received the papers six days earlier.  So instead of answering the charges made against him by Waverley’s  Snowflake officers more familiar for being congratulated with monotonous and brown-nosing regularity by members for their “hard work providing such excellent reports”  made statements instead.

Going head to head in the lion’s den with complainant ‘YW’s’ lawyer (Daniel Bainbridge), Cllr Hyman was supposed to be a lamb going to the slaughter. Only the council hadn’t laid on the mint sauce to add piquancy to their delicacy.

So despite his numerous attempts to skewer and kebab Cllr H by complainant – Joint Planning Committee Chairman Peter Isherwood, who is well used to insulting the villagers of Ewhurst & Cranleigh and  Good -Riddance they both failed. Not only because they lacked the skills of oratory, but quite simply because the facts were not on their side. Not something that normally worries ‘YW’  but in this instance, Cllr Hyman revealed, beyond reasonable doubt, how the Council that prides itself of never making mistakes (in their dreams!)  had made HUGE, BIG, FAT MISTAKES with the advice given to councillors by its legal officers. 

Oh Dear!! Saying that to the man with a face like a smacked arse GR –  who was  forced to apologise at the outset for the Council’s mistake of putting up all the paperwork online for public consumption when it was Confidential and on pink papers – including the Independent Member’s private e-mail details.

Then had to admit – officers had not ensured GH’s  Rebuttal Statement attached to an e-mail sent to the `Head Honcho, Tom Horwood – had mistakenly not been included in “the bundle.”

Conspiracy or what? Trust us Watergate has nothing on Waverleygate!

Judge Jeffries  then showed  video clips of planning meeting webcasts to prove that CH was rude and offensive to officers – by using the abusive term – wait for it  – wait for it …drumroll – “MISQUOTED!”

And for daring to challenge their Legal Advice – that’s the legal advice, they admitted in another Webcast clip provided by Cllr H (which by the way that Good-Riddance fiercely objected to being shown)  – was actually correct!  You couldn’t make it up, seriously. Evidence confirmed by the council’s lawyer that proper assessment required under the Habitats Directive had not been carried out. Including measures that ensure the future for birds and wildlife in the Special Protection Areas around Farnham – Godalming and Haslemere.

The Independent professional Mr Oram admitted he wasn’t equipped to judge whether the legal advice officers gave to the planning committee was right or wrong. But he, after recognising how passionate and knowledgeable Cllr H was on the subject, could understand his frustration believing the matter which occurred in 2017 was ” at the finer end of serious could and should have easily been resolved in private to everyone’s satisfaction much earlier.”

So there you have it, folks – in its desire to castrate and humiliate, a man who is seen as – “The Opposition”  ‘Your Waverley’ has wasted time and taxpayers’ money and human resources dragging a man with a dodgy ticker to a Kangaroo Court only for the Independent Professional  to conclude the whole thing could have been resolved behind closed doors to everyone’s satisfaction.  (Oh! the irony of it, given that, in the normal course of events, that’s ‘YWs’ preferred way of dealing with things)  Ah! but that wouldn’t have been to ‘YW’s’ satisfaction would it …. we feel another song coming on…

 We can’t get no satisfaction…


Although we put this picture up a few days ago – there was no way that Goodriddance was going to gag Farnham’s Hyman.   “The people of Farnham elected me to represent their interests – that is what I am doing and that is what I will continue to do – obey the law. A law which over-rides the Code of Conduct.” He wanted the council not to continue making major errors, particularly on environmental issues, as it had done for the past ten years.

 He said he could not sit idly by and watch Waverley’s towns and villages being wrecked, by inappropriate development which damaged the Special Protection Areas and “non-existent SANGS” and elsewhere in  the borough that flood and have poor transport links. However, he claimed although he had challenged officers – he had NEVER abused them personally.

If Jerry Hyman had been elected as a diplomat, and not knowing when he has said enough – then he might be deemed  GUILTY.  But, as he rightly pointed out, he’s an engineer, with insufficient funds to provide himself with legal advice or secretarial help.  He is also part of a minority party whose members have been bullied – derided –  ridiculed and blocked by some – not all we hasten to add,  members of this discredited administration.

Maybe the verdict to impose training in the Protocol of dealing with Officers – which he must undergo within 42 days – will help him learn from his mistakes? And like many of us who don’t suffer fools gladly – learn how to make his arguments  – without *issing off too many officers… And that will equip him with the skills to do what the Tories do.  

Shut their eyes, put their fingers in their ears,  hold their breath and fart loudly at the electorate! Apparently, it’s called multi-tasking!!!

We will share one hilarious moment with you.

When Good-Riddance had the bare-faced audacity to ask Cllr Hyman how he thought he should be punished? We at the WW thought for one – God-awful moment  –  Cllr Hyman was going to resign from the JPC and other committees – one of which he chairs, and which scrutinises business! But the member for Farnham Castle, who has the third highest attendance record of all 57 members, held on to his dignity and smiled at his tormentor.  

The moral of this tale.

The   Delicate little Snowflakes – otherwise known as Waverley officers – cannot and must not be told they are Wrong, even if they are – in case they feel personally insulted.  Because they NEVER, do you hear NEVER – make mistakes! 

Meanwhile, Cllr Hyman who is a highly principled man reminded us at the Waverley Web of: “A Man for All Seasons” He simply could not let go.  Despite everything. He is a good and honest man of whom the people of Farnham should be proud and we only hope this debacle doesn’t prove to be the death of him. 

‘Is Your Waverley’ gearing up the troops to gag Farnham’s Hyman?

11 thoughts on “It’s not what you say it’s the way that you say it, ​Cllr Hyman.

  1. I’m confused. And frankly can’t spare the time to watch the webcast for elucidation but were the YW Officers the complainant here? You seem to suggest that Cllr Isherwood was the complainant. Having heard how numerous Conservative Councillors talk about YW Officers and Councillors’ frequent boasts about how (and in what terms) they have told Officers what’s what I have assumed that most Officers take this in their stride. Odd that they would choose to complain now. Or is it that the majority party are afforded the luxury of challenging, insulting and even bullying Officers behind closed doors and using taxpayers money to buy their way out of the trouble that sometimes results.

    • Yes Waverley Officers – mainly the lawyers and Councillor Peter Isherwood – Chairman of the Joint Planning Commitee were the complainants. Cllr Hyman has been getting under their skins ever since he appeared on the scene – because he is not afraid to challenge recomendations made by officers.

      Very few are as insistent – and most hardly dare to open their mouths – though here at the Waverley Web we have noticed a very different attitude in recent months. Perhaps because there is an election looming.

      The arrival of a Liberal Democrat on the scene recently has also had a big impact – another man who demands answers and is determined to stand up for the residents of Waverley regardless of whether they live in his ward or not.

      Yes, Tory councillors call officers rotten in private – and then white man speak with forked tongue – in the Chamber. God help Cllr Hyman from now on!

  2. This bullying is incompatible with the Nolan Principles and the Localism Act, but then why bother with the Rule of Law, when you can ignore it?

    28 Codes of conduct
    (4) A failure to comply with a relevant authority’s code of conduct is not to be dealt with otherwise than in accordance with arrangements made under subsection (6); in particular, a decision is not invalidated just because something that occurred in the process of making the decision involved a failure to comply with the code.

    (6) A relevant authority other than a parish council must have in place—
    (a)arrangements under which allegations can be investigated, and
    (b)arrangements under which decisions on allegations can be made.

    (7)Arrangements put in place under subsection (6)(b) by a relevant authority must include provision for the appointment by the authority of at least one independent person—
    (a)whose views are to be sought, and taken into account, by the authority before it makes its decision on an allegation that it has decided to investigate, and

    (8) For the purposes of subsection (7)—
    (a)a person is not independent if the person is—
    (i)a member, co-opted member or officer of the authority,

  3. During the hearing Cllr Hyman hinted at there being other complaints against him outstanding. We might be lucky enough to get another hearing for those too!

    • We very much doubt, after Friday’s disgraceful inquisition that Waverley Council will want any more of its soiled linen washed in public.

  4. So what are the repercussions for YW? Given that they are potentially in breach of an EU law, have wasted tax payers money trying to give JH the boot and have also potentially breached data protection!! Which standards panel oversees them?!

    • If you have not realised before – Waverley Borough Council is omnipotent. It can breach data protection rules, and walk away smiling. Cllr Hyman gets rung out in public for telling the truth andi s forced to battle on in public to be heard.

      But every dog has its day and hopefully Farnham will make its view know at the ballot box.

      However, this man doesn’t just battle for his own area – he speaks up for the east of the borough too.

      He fought tirelessly to stop development on a notorious flood plain over there – was prevented from providing photographs and information on the flood levels where a man almost died in his car. Because Betty Boot prevented him.

      Now wonder so many Waverley planning officers are leaving, or have left the authority, – their game is up.

  5. All I can say is that the whole thing was a sham – and Jerry Hyman was right to say it really was a Foregone Conclusion and there was nothing he could say that would justify his using the “tone” which implied that the Officers had got it wrong. As we all do sometimes. He did NOT accuse any individuals and the words he used were NOT inflammatory – Just that the facts were wrong – which as he rightly pointed out and was vindicated by the EVENTUAL showing of the Webcast he had to keep requesting – (Because Cllr Goodridge just said “NO NO NO NO!” to the showing of it until they went for a “comfort break”)

    Is it possible that the Legal Eagles that were there to support WBC told him they should allow Cllr Hyman to present his evidence?? Shame they didn’t allow him the courtesy of Legal Representation or some assistance in presenting HIS case. In fact despite the Monitoring Officer saying they had given so many extensions to the Deadline – Why was Cllr Hyman only given the Evidence against him on Saturday before the hearing the next Friday?

    I listened to Both Complainants and they were raised in 2017:

    1. Daniel Bainbridge – WBC Solicitor
    2. Cllr Isherwood – Councillor and one-time Chair of the JPC

    The first made some valid points and I can understand that some of his staff may have felt a tad brow beaten, But I cannot help feeling that was because they were being questioned by someone who had done his Homework (which is a bit of a rarity) He says this was a CUMULATIVE effect – Well why didn’t they raise this with Cllr Hyman years ago?

    Perhaps the Officers also need some “Training” in how to deal with those that ask Pertinent questions and maybe have to learn to live in the Real World where not everyone always agrees with you.

    The PAS (Planning Advisory Service) Review in September 2018 stated:
    “1.7 We found weaknesses in the levels of trust and confidence between some members and officers involved in delivering planning decision making and certainly between the majority of developers/agents, civic societies and many parish and town councils and the Service that we spoke to. Despite a recently agreed local plan we noted that there was limited common ground or meeting of minds in relation to how the borough should grow and it felt as though the planning system was almost seen as a battleground for the heart and soul of Waverley’s future. Therefore, trust and confidence in the Service and the very nature of planning as visionary and place shaping, both internally and externally needs to be rebuilt. The aims and new direction set by the corporate plan with its focus on prosperity and place and its emphasis on team work and efficiency sets a strong platform for a new way of working in Waverley……”

    Councillor Hyman may not be the greatest Orator, as he said he is not a diplomat, he is an Engineer – But he speaks with conviction for wrongs he believes should be made right, he stands up for his Residents and those from All over the Borough.

    As for Cllr Isherwood – I am sure he is a “Gentleman” to those he knows and those he wants to do things “His Way” but he is NOT Polite when he is dismissing Cllr Hyman or any of the other Councillors who either speak a touch too long or Question the Officers. Nor is he a Gentleman when he speaks “Off-Mic” about some of the smaller Villages here in the East. (except it wasn’t off-mic was it??) I know he has to move things on in meetings – But surely there is a RESPECTFUL way of doing it. Have complaints been raised against him and Quashed???? Don’t know why I ask really……..

    Cllr Isherwood’s absolute conviction that you should NEVER disagree with the officers is beyond belief… If we are all to take everything the Officers say as written in Stone – then what is the point of the Planning committees? Other than to Rubber-stamp the recommendations from the officers. Officers are NOT ELECTED their knowledge of Local issues is often lacking and they SHOULD listen to what Locals and Councillors have to say. I have watched enough of these Webcasts over the last 4 years to understand that Officers go BY THE BOOK – But we don’t live in a Book. Some of the advice from the Statutory Bodies IS on occasion Flawed and that should be pointed out. As I have recently mentioned on comments from SCC Highways in a recent Application in Alfold for 56 New homes. It was stated that the Increase in Traffic from 56 New Homes would not cause an impact on the A281 in Alfold as there was considerable traffic from the Old Garden Centre – Give me a break – Traffic to and from the Garden centre was predominantly Weekends and during the day NOT DURING Peak times and yet SCC seem to think there was no need for any further Transport assessments for this development. REALLY????

    The argument that Cllr Hyman should have asked Questions of the Officers prior to the meeting is fine – so long as he was given the opportunity to do so. Robin Taylor admitted there was a time when they were VERY BUSY due to The Local Plan and Dunsfold Park Judicial Reviews that they simply… DIDN’T HAVE TIME to deal with Cllr Hyman or Other Councillors. I would ask the question as to why the Officers didn’t make the effort to address Cllrs Hyman’s issues? They are Paid to do this, Councillors are NOT and presumably have their own lives and professional commitments. They should have sought him out, not the other way around. I would also point out that comments are often raised as to the little time councillors have to review the Papers prior to the Planning meetings and the fact that Site Visits are often just before the actual meeting. This is a WBC organisational issue that I believe has been pointed out in a review of Officers.

    I am guessing (and it is only my opinion) that Cllr Hyman had only one way to raise some of the issues that he felt were not being addressed and that was to do it in a Public Forum, where the rest of us Voting Fodder could actually get to hear about it – and who can blame him. I am sure they would have liked to have “brushed this under the carpet” and not gone to this Panel because they knew that Cllr Hyman would raise issues that they didn’t want to be heard in public.

    Councillor Hyman was given a Way out in the end by his fellow Farnham Residents Councillor Ward, but as you say Cllr Hyman is just like “The Man for all Seasons” he refused to give up on his Principals if he had said his apologies and looked suitably Repentant – he would have been forgiven… (NOT) But he couldn’t….and I don’t blame him. There are many in the Borough that have a lot to thank him for and I for one am just glad that, there is and hopefully will be for a very long time, someone as full of Integrity as Cllr Hyman is.
    As ever

  6. We agree with every word you said and when outside Consultants- Cratus were brough in to turn the spotlight on Waverley Borough Council’s relationship between its officers, members and outside organisations – parish councils, civic socieities – they were found wanting and told – in so many words – to pull up their socks.

    We here don’t believe the reputation of ‘Your Waverley’ will have been enhanced by Friday’s fiasco. What is the council trying to do – kill Cllr Hyman off?

    They have certainly killed off any enthusiasm for joining their ranks from all those fair-minded people in this borough who want to join them in May and provide som decent representation. Would you want to be an Opposition councillor? Perish the thought.

    You just wacth all the Tory Yes men and women as they are re-elected to do more of the same. Workfor planning permissions for their mates.

    We pray someone will stand against Good-Riddance – so we can finally say – Good-Riddance. The people of Wonersh deserve better – don’t they?

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