Oh dear! Is a Godalming councillor being brought in by residents to fight Farnham’s corner?​


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Fireman Sam attempts to get his constituents on side?


The WW put its hands up and admits to highlighting a Farnham councillor’s unseemly antics played out at a recently Waverley planning meetings.

Tory Councillor Sam Pritchard doth protest too much about not being contacted like his Farnham  Residents’ and other colleagues – about their objection to ‘Your Waverley’ building flats near a school in Ryle Road.

More here: Will Waverley’s voting fodder hold this Tory administration to account in 2019?

So worried is he with an election looming, that he called out to his constituents in the public gallery, after claiming he hadn’t heard from them, to ask them to stay after the meeting closed?

But not even a bleat, a grunt or admission of misbehaviour from the Chairman. He ignored conduct that is banned in the council chamber.   Chairman Isherwood stayed shtum, except of course to admonish Godalming Liberal Democrat Councillor Paul Follows for not leaving the public gallery quietly enough!! Bloody cheek.

Will Waverley’s voting fodder hold this Tory administration to account in 2019?

Also worth noting how Cllr Pritchard ‘protested’ he had received no contact from residents. 

They, of course, thought differently.  As they had emailed him and provided evidence of their concerns – and after receiving no response reverted to a Godalming Councillor who has a tried and tested reputation to listening to everyone’s concerns and turned up as a member of the public on the night.

Now Councillor Pritchard – a man not often in evidence at Waverley meetings – has waded in to defend his actions. And of course, it is all down to Waverley’s poor IT communications. No surprise there then. Let’s face it we have all experienced those. We heard its IT came from Rumbelows!

Now here at the WW, we like to give everyone a good crack of the whip – before the Monitoring Officer steps in?

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 16.00.22.pngSo this mysterious affliction that prevents Councillor Pritchard checking emails even vaguely regularly?  An affliction that doesn’t appear to have hit anyone else, including the opposition…? Possibly the same affliction that hit the Chairman – Wewishhewoodbe – de-selected –  when he ignored council protocol?



5 thoughts on “Oh dear! Is a Godalming councillor being brought in by residents to fight Farnham’s corner?​”

  1. So it should… If anyone else had behaved the way he did they would have been lambasted by The Chairman

  2. So the relevant portfolio holder emailed all councillors this morning (other than informing us all they read WW) asked councillors to flag any issues they had with IT.

    I replied with this back to all councillors.

    “Nice to see you read Waverley Web, I thought it was forbidden!

    I can report no issues personally, nothing like what has been described by Cllr Pritchard. It’s the sort of thing (had I had that issue) that would have been extremely noticeable and detrimental to working as a Councillor and equally I would have just logged a call with the help desk as soon as it was clear. That issue would surely be evident in about a day.

    I am happy to report what minimal issues I have had over this year though were reported quickly and rectified nearly as fast. I would hate for the IT department to be blamed for untimely reporting of IT issues by councillors that’s all.

    But thank you for your concern nonetheless”

  3. A councillor has issues with his IT and they all start running around in circles on Planet Waverley – because it featured on this scurrilous blog!! Same blog that councillors are forbidden to read, but regularly admit to us, that it is their secret vice and they addicted to it – bit like chocolate! We think we are more like Marmite.

    However, the WW, together with residents of Waverley have been complaining for years about the awful webcast which regularly goes into a spin – stops – starts – and stops again! But as far as the votting fodder is concerned Waverley Council has repeatedly ignored the webcast issue.

    It brought all of us here at the WW to our knees with helpless laughter when we went onto the webcast recently as the IT engineers were working on it. We overheard their conversation saying we better get this right or “we’ll end up on the Waverley Web.”

    Surprising how quickly everyone starts running around on Planet Zonk when Councillor Follows is called in by Farnham’s voting fodder to speak up for them?

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