Now THE real Cranleigh Village Hospital wade​s in.

Did a Cranleigh man get the answers to the great private nursing home debate?

Well, Cranleigh’s Andy Webb is beginning to get some of the answers now. And straight from The League of Friends Chairman’s highly trusted mouth. We understand from the CVHT website she was a former Trustee of the charity but resigned – along with Trustees Michael Newman and Kay Newman.

The WW asks? WHY?

Perhaps they would contact us at

An update from Cranleigh Hospital League Of Friends…… to Andy Webb – of the Alternative Cranleigh Board.

Hello Andy

My name is Dianne Davies, Chairman of the League of Friends of Cranleigh Village Hospital, and I am happy to answer the questions you raise.

You are right in saying that CVHT and the League of Friends are entirely separate charities whose funds are not connected at all. Whilst CVHT are ensuring that there are 20 NHS beds free at the point of entry in the new nursing home on the Knowle Lane site, being built by HC-1, the League is spending funds (£400,000) on the installation of an X-Ray and ultrasound department at the village hospital which should be operational by Easter and is entirely funded by the League. We also provide £10,000 to the Health Centre to fund new equipment every year and we support End of Life at home services through a donation of £25,000 every year to Phyllis Tuckwell who provide this service for the CCG to our community.

Yes, we hope to provide an MRI scanner at the hospital when the RSCH clinicians are ready to do so but would need to start fundraising again for this. The scanner requires an upgrading of the electricity service to Cranleigh and there are several agencies involved so we depend on their speed of operating!! The installation of the XRay department will enable other Outpatient services to be developed in the village hospital and we will make funding available for equipment as needed.

Yes, we were left a property several years ago and, under the terms of the will, the house was sold and the money added to the League’s funds.

We do not receive money from any source other than donations from the community. We do not receive monies from any statutory agencies and we have done no public fundraising for the last 10 years although, as you may have seen, we have recently installed collection buckets in the Co-op in Cranleigh, at their invitation. All the funds raised from these will go towards Outpatient and diagnostic services at the village hospital.

Day Hospitals are not favoured by the NHS at present but, like you, I would like to see far more services for the elderly developed in Cranleigh. Minor Injury services are dictated at regional if not national level. We would support any such development at the hospital but clinical governance is an issue for small units. We work closely with RSCH and I will raise this issue again – I know how popular it would be. You could discuss this with the GPs, their support would be invaluable and Dr Diane Christie is one of our Directors.

So there you have it – straight from the Chairman.

CVHT and the League of Friends funds are not connected.

But this raises even more questions: Why did the good doctor tell Mr Webb – nothing to do with the WW we stress, that money raised by his charity went to another charity (L of F)? And why is it claiming to be a part of that orgnisation? 

Why doesn’t the Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust hold a public meeting and answers villagers questions? Come clean – and tell it as it is? Don’t donors deserve the truth before they are asked to come up with even more money for their health services? 

Why have Trustees – including Mrs Davis resigned?

Why are 26 bedsits needed when so much development is being provided elsewhere? Why is the CVHT even mentioning  the possibility of the NHS not funding beds after five years. 

Has a contract been signed with the health and social caare providers? If not, why not?

The list of questions goes on and on…

2 thoughts on “Now THE real Cranleigh Village Hospital wade​s in.”

  1. To be fair, I wasn’t told that any money was donated by the CVHT to the League Of Friends. What I meant that some people donated money to the League Of Friends thinking that both charities were working for the same cause.
    I am still trying to get answers for the community and am in the process of contacting the NHS to try and get our day hospital and minor injury clinic back.
    I myself have been told a few things that were not true to ask the CVHT.
    I posted this on my page as a response,

    “It seems that I was given some false information regarding a house that had been left to CVHT in a will.
    The CVHT told me that it was in fact left to the League Of Friends which they themselves have confirmed.
    I would like to apologise to both charities for any misunderstanding and thank them for clarifying the situation.”


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