Oh Dear! What can the matter be? Guildford Tories off to a depository?

It launches a Gala for Government Minister but nobody wants to be there!

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Apparently the Guildford Conservative Group – which includes the wealthy East Waverley – has cancelled its Gala dinner due to poor ticket sales! And it is moving its Guildford HQ to… WOKING … the town Tory controlled Guildford Planners have told to … shove its unmet housing need where monkeys put their nuts!

MP Anne Milton’s buddy in the Education Ministry – Secretary of State Damian Hinds has now been given the night off – because only 50 people bought tickets. No doubt local Tories pi**ed off with Brexit, and the fact that local schools are putting out begging bowls for pens and toilet rolls,  boycotted the £60 a-head event? Though we heard that all the local fee-paying schools are all doing nicely by flogging off their playing fields so they can afford such necessities. 

TT’s were not even encouraged to attend after being told that – “Mr Hinds was at the forefront of planning for our country’s future and the skills needed to compete in a post-Brexit world.” The Group says scrapping the event, boasting such a high profile guest speaker reflected badly on the organisation.

Oh well! It’s an ill wind that blows no good at least he gets an evening in by the fire with the wife and kids? Not forgetting – we here at the WW get a refund?


The Guildford Association needs such fundraising jolly’s to fill local coffers with £10,000 in time for what it describes as  the forthcoming “all-out election campaign?” Which one is that?!

bobsmithDon’t worry, Chairman Bob Hughes has a plan in the face of such austerity! The Guildford Tory Hub is schlepping ten miles over to Chobham Road, to Woking’s Tory HQ leaving its’ comfortable offices on the Loseley Park Estate, home of the Lord Lieutenant Major More-Molyneux to downsize to a new bunker. Chairman Bob Hughes who runs the Guildford Tories from his business email at charity Sight for Surrey, says “we will have some limited storage space and a printer.” Saying, it will only cost £5,000 a year plus it may rent a small storage unit for an extra few hundred pounds a year.”

Oh – who is the President of Bob’s charity Sight for Surrey? None other than Michael More-Molyneux, Lord Lieutenant of Surrey and Torie’s former landlord. No difficulties there then?
He stressed the Tory Group must use its resources wisely saying 
“we are in the 21st Century, we don’t need separate offices in Guildford.”

MY, MY HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN? It’s austerity darling.





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