Are Cranleigh New Town’s residents now witnessing the death throes​ of their High Street too?​

When Cranleigh councillors joined forces with a gang of local developers to provide the new town’s high street with more footfall, we doubt they ever envisaged that residents might be forced to shop elsewhere.

Has peddled off!
HSBC Gone! But may have been replaced by another retailer – perhaps an optician?

With HGV’s thundering through its High Street, and approach roads and residential roads witnessing volumes of traffic previously unheard of, the thud of shops doors closing for the last time is deafening. It is now becoming all too common as struggling retailers give up the fight to stay in business. They include:

Here’s another one.

And another!

  • National Westminster Bank and its ATM machine – GONE!
  • Barclays Bank – GOING
  • HSBC Gone
  • Santander – GONE!
  • Customers – GONE to Horsham or Godalming?
  • Ruby & Kind – GONE.
  • Magdalena’s Tea Rooms – GONE!
  • Raffles Bakery – GONE!
  • Bones Interiors – GONE!
  • Ask Italian Restaurant – GONE!
  • 137 Restaurant – GONE! 
  • Cranleigh Cycle Shop – GONE!
  • Timothy Pearson Hairdressers – Going…Going… Gone?
  • The Lemon Tree – GOING!
  • Carolyn Lodge Travel – GOING soon!
  • Barclays Bank – GOING in October!
  • Even the charity shops are closing! Cranleigh Nursing Home shop. Gone!
  • Too many small businesses to mention on the Smithbrook Kilns Industrial Estate – where now dozens of small shop units have or are being converted,  into – yes you guessed flats.
  • And The Smithbrook Forge Barns.
  • Wayahead – Going to another site off the High Street?
  • Plus numerous vacant offices in the High Street, Rowland Road, Collins Court and elsewhere all seeking planning permission for residential use.

Ran out of space – suffice to say more going!

Perhaps all those Waverley borough councillors who permitted over 1,700 new homes to be built there – were right when they used the soliloquy  – “Poor Old Cranleigh!”

Here’s what just a few residents are saying- about the Cranleigh New Town building site! Others have contacted the WW saying, although they want to remain loyal, they are shopping in nearby Horsham when they go to the BANK!

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 09.38.53.png

8 thoughts on “Are Cranleigh New Town’s residents now witnessing the death throes​ of their High Street too?​”

  1. Thank you. We will look at this information. What we DON’T need is homes all over the countryside! What we do need is homes built on BROWNFIELD sites? That’s what the Government instructed Waverley to do, that is what councillors instructed Waverley to do, and that is what the Secretary of State instructed them to do. So far, not one single home on a brownfield site other than in Farnham, Haslemere and Godalming.

    1. So a good news story for everyone (including WBC) and you have to turn it on to your pet vendetta about Dunsfold. Who are you sleeping with (metaphorically speaking of course) that would explain your fixation to put the boot into Dunsfold and Cranleigh and Godalming? Is it because you wrote this: –

      Newsletter 2016: “Not exactly a self-contained village but if the numbers could be increased to 3500 or even 5000 this could be a fully sustainable new community with the full range of facilities. There are those opposing any residential use of the brownfield Dunsfold site but to most fair-minded people this is an obvious solution to meeting the increasing demand for housing in the borough. Of course we will accept new housing in Farnham but not at the expense of despoiling our town…”

  2. No, to both. We are not sleeping with anyone at Dunsfold. If we were, we would be hovering over the borough in a helicopter. And no we did not write that Newsletter in 2016. The Waverley Web was not around then. However, It is useless trying to get the message over, that if, Dunsfold Aerodrome had been accepted much earlier, and if Waverley BC had got its act together and been realistic about its Local Plan – the East wouldn’t be getting the worst of both worlds.

    Of course, development must be shared around. All the towns and villages must take their fair share, but are you quite happy for the green belt to be rolled back? Are you happy for Cranleigh, which has no protection to accept 40% of the borough’s housing?

    Perhaps we should ask the question? Who are you sleeping with (metaphorically speaking) t Protect Our Little Corner of Waverley that is presently asking around with the begging bowl for money to bring down Waverley’s Local Plan and homes planned on the airfield? Do you actually read our blogs? Are you aware of the recent appeal decisions? Have you seen the applications seeking more development on more green fields?

    1. I see you have again reverted to “we” when I ask if you (specifically) wrote the text above in the Farnham Society News letter. Are you really saying you (specifically) were “not around then” so therefore it couldn’t be you?

      1. WE the WW – all ten of us – and growing – did not write the Farnham Society News Letter. We are not ALL Farnham people – we come from all over the borough. The WW was not in existence then! Get it?

    2. You are a NIMBY personified, and your deflection and obfuscation does not hide your agenda – Farnham first at the cost of trampling on all others.

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