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  1. I have replied on their Website – Copy Below – Because I am so Bally fed up with this……. I watched it and was disgusted with the lack of any justice – It is not about the few extra homes – It is the principle of a Developer that has not only ignored the planning Conditions – but done nothing more than offer ineffectual apologies. Farnham as you know is my least favourite part of the Borough – But I do believe we should all look out for each other – and this is just WRONG………

    Forgive Typos – But I am tired and fed Up!!

    I totally agree – I watched this shambolic meeting and I was ashamed… We all should be. To allow these developers to trash Ancient Woodland and TPO trees then say they will mitigate with new planting – Well I hope they have 15 Meter tall trees on their shopping list as that was the enormous Height the PO said those on the roadside were. Cut them down then say SORRY – NOT GOOD ENOUGH – and there is More that we have no information on as it is CONFIDENTIAL – but Councillors are still expected to vote on this??? WRONG – we have seen this time and time again – It is NOT good enough for the Planning officers to say they cannot keep an eye on all planning applications – they should and I beet they had plenty of local info coming into them when the trees were felled. did they do anything NO!

    As for the Ancient woodland – a PUMPING station (not Petrol) is within the 15M boundary so when that leaks or causes other issues in the Ancient Woodland TOUGH. Get them to pull the bally thing Down and start again and move it… For goodness sakes it isn’t rocket science. They should have been told that if it couldn’t be where it should have been (due to overhead cables they hadn’t noticed but had always been there!!) then reduce the additional housing down by 1 house to put it somewhere they can!
    The Planning Officers are Unelected and should not be dictating to our Elected councillors what is or isn’t built in the borough
    Not everyone gives a F**** about trees – but in the longer term they will be what keeps this planet running and you simply cannot replace Ancient Woodland with new Saplings. It is not just the trees but the whole ecosystem which keeps this planet running. If you don’t do it for yourself – do it for your kids and grand kids.

    I watched this application – Not because I live in the area – But because I keep seeing this sort of Shocking disregard for the environment – PLANNERS DO NOT CARE and they are not building these houses to make local people happy – they are doing it for profit – Come on Waverley Get a Grip

  2. Where is the Planning Enforcement Officer in this case? What is he paid for? We are totally unprotected in this Borough. Conditions mean nothing to these developers and nothing seems to be done to enforce them.

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