Honestly, we are not laughing – because it’s​ too damn serious but…

Residents could soon be launching a sweepstake on whose in line for the next Great Big Surrey Smash and Grab?

If your local ATM is not included in the list of ramraids on the sites already targeted below – then be vigilant – your town or village could be next! Or maybe, you are one of the lucky ones – and you don’t have an ATM anymore!


Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 09.53.27.png
Farnham’s East Street after the smash and grab.


Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 17.10.12.png

Here’s a Dear John letter to Surrey’s Police & Crime Commissioner who is currently away on holiday, but cannot wait to get back to answer the huge volume of e-mails that await him?

In the meantime, the great Surrey crash and grab continues, but thankfully residents are emptying some ATM’s before the raiders get to them – one raid only managed to steal a measly £200! Some areas are even thinking themselves lucky they don’t have an ATM anymore – because the Big Bank raiders got there before them – Nat West, Lloyds, etc…!

Dear Mr Munro…


2 thoughts on “Honestly, we are not laughing – because it’s​ too damn serious but…”

  1. The only saving grace we have here in Alfold is the one ATM is at the Petrol station and I defy any Large vehicle to try and make a swift escape from that exit – Who on earth approved that one on the A281? You cannot see around the bend to turn into it and the traffic when you try to leave it comes speeding passed so fast – Maybe that will keep us off the list of These F*****wits – Live in Hope!

  2. We heard from someone over there in the East that they charge for making withdrawals, and they are also fearful that someone will nick one of the numerous JCB’s that are currently storming onto the Loxwood Road building site and lob it into the ATM just down the road. However, as you appear to know the road well, maybe they won’t access the garage unless they are quick?

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