Waverley subsidises Hi-Tech Councillors?

Waverley recently published a list of Councillors expenses, which went to No.1 on our summer holiday reading list, knocking off the 2016-2017 from the top spot.
Waverley Councillor expenses 2017-2018

Waverley residents might like to ask Councillors what is the £246 they are paid as an Internet Charge? Don’t most Councillors have the internet?! Is it a little bung for being on the Executive? What could they all have in common?

It was especially odd to see such hi-tech councillors drawing this cash, councillors who in their day jobs might rely on a bit of broadband for their business.


Step forward Cllr Tom Martin (A Change and Configuration Manager at Wordline Global in Guildford) and Cllr Stefan Reynolds – local publisher of Vantage Point magazine. Certainly, busy people whose work relies on an internet connection – we are so pleased that they have something in common – the need to take Waverley coin to get them online. Bless their cotton socks!!


5 thoughts on “Waverley subsidises Hi-Tech Councillors?”

  1. I think that’s so unfair of you WW. I feel sure these Councillors have separate broadband lines dedicated to their work as Waverley Councillors.

    1. I think you must be right ACR – They obviously have a dedicated Internet Line just so they can deal with the concerns of their local residents – I am sure that MUST be it!
      Otherwise why would they accept this money from Council Tax Payers? Many don’t – but to see Tech Guys taking it is a bit galling when they are cutting so many local services that are vital to so many.

      WW – can you make the Text a bit Bigger next time? so we can all see what else they get – Don’t get me wrong I know they don’t get paid to be councillors and some of them do a fine job (some quite obviously don’t)
      I shall just have to go and have a proper look!!! – I am on Holibobs so if I don’t get back to you soon it is because I am enjoying this fine weather in Greece
      Best as ever
      PS as I have said before would be really useful if WE (meaning people like me responding to your posts) could Cut & Paste things on this site. I loath having to re-type stuff that is already up there in the public domain – Something to think about me-thinks!

  2. Loads of residents don’t even realise that ‘Your Waverley” Councillors are on the local government pension scheme!! One told us recently it was one of the reasons why she had stayed so long – the other was to continue supporting planning permission for housing in the East of the borough!!

    Your wish is our command D but as always, ‘YW’ never makes anything easy for us – in fact, it makes it as difficult as possible for us to provide you with a good view of papers! That’s the whole idea.
    Enjoy your hols wherever you are?

  3. Oh dear I know I’ve dwelt before on my advancing years but I really do worry about whether I’m becoming an unbearable old pedant but I can’t tell whether your reference above to the local government pension scheme was ironic or literal. Because of course from 1 April 2014 Councillors in England are unable to join the LGPS – those who were in the scheme on 31 March 2014 were able to remain in the scheme until the end of their current term of office (for YW Councillors that date was 7 May 2015) but were not able to rejoin the LGPS.

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