Blightwells here we come!!

And guess where the developer’s money’s going? … To fund improvements to Godalming and Farnham Leisure Centres and build a new £12.7m centre in Cranleigh New Town!


WHY? Because there’s an election coming!


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We couldn’t have put it better ourselves Neil!



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8 thoughts on “Blightwells here we come!!”

  1. Hi WW, The developer’s money is in short supply, wherever it eventually gets spent. I know you were keen to hear about the Infrastructure Levy Hearing and how it impacts on the wider borough. Well I have found a report on the hearing

    If you want an alternative report from someone who attended the Hearing then you can ask the Chairman of the Planning Committee for the Farnham Society – they were there making notes / publishing throughout on a laptop (it was presumed that was what they were typing). I am surprised you didn’t ask them? Do you know them?

    1. Thank you for the very helpful link, and as we explained we were not at the CIL inquiry. We do know a number of the Farnham Society members, and we do receive comments and updates, so we will follow this up. Very many thanks for your help which is much appreciated.

  2. It is not a regeneration scheme Waverley BC degenerated the area by forcing a development that is too big for the available footprint. There should be no disruption to Farnham’s retail process during the construction. This development has also ignored the requirement to update the 2008 Environmental Impact Assessment to address the increasing toxic traffic pollution that exceeds both safe and statutory limits. All infrastructure improvements must be spent in Farnham anything else is gross deception.

    Farnham was a lovely town now facing wanton destruction by the, as yet, unaccountable.

    1. We don’t actually believe the Blightwells money is being spent elsewhere in the borough, this is just a pre-election ploy because the Conservatives are getting worried, really worried, that they just might lose control!

  3. The trend is clear – this is not about any one area being singled out – we have scandalous examples that prompt the cries of Poor old Farnham, Poor old Cranleigh and Poor old Godalming. (Haslemere, are you alright ?). This comes down to a Borough without a vision, a strategy that came way too late, that exists by spin and political manoeuvring, that is firefighting to respond, that seems to shut up shop in the Enforcement department, that is proven to be undemocratic, and that is widely regarded as a complete walk over by any developers who can muster a consultant to bamboozle the officers.

    Overtaxed, you are right. The elections can be the time for us ALL to make that point.

    1. Ye Gods, we cannot quite believe it but we are beginning to speak the same language as PP! This present council will not be in existence if David Hodge at Surrey County Council has his way. This administration has been without a vision ever since Mary Orton-Pett presided over Waverley Towers. Where are all those people who got us into this fine mess – WenamIleaving; Mrs Mopp; Robert Knowless; Mathew EVANS; Damien Roberts?????? Rats and sinking ships come to mind!

      1. Ah… so the above reply to me thanking me for my CIL link saying you were not at the hearing (technically correct) was in one polite voice, and this reply (using multiple exclamation marks) appears to be the real WW.

        “We are all not Spartacus!”

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