Perish the thought! But have our local authorities colluded to make Godalming​ part of Greater​ Guildford?


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A considerable amount of discussion between Councillor Follows and both councils, as well ss local residents has been ongoing since this Facebook entry was posted.


Here’s a section from Waverley Borough Council’s papers which refers to its discussions with Guildford Borough Council over the future of Aaron’s Hill.

So how do they intend to deal with the traffic onto Portsmouth Road in Godalming? Or the A3 which becomes more of a car park every day that goes by? Have these two authorities even discussed the proposals with Surrey County Council, who only a couple of months ago proposed closing Green Oaks School close by?

Do the right hands know what the left hands are doing in our local authorities?

Is Godalming’s infrastructure, schools, GP surgeries, water, etc able to take this or will it be the straw that breaks this particular camel’s back?

Because Godalming residents now sit in mounting traffic queues, they refer to the town as Godawfulming!

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