This Farnham lady wants her brick back!

So in the true spirit of kindness the Waverley Web – has made her one!

And we have a few ideas who she can drop it on from a great height!


Is it any wonder that the public has lost faith in fundraising and supporting community projects? Time and time again, the call goes out for us to dig deep into our pockets to provide funds for a community hospital, a community building, an old people’s day centre – and here in Farnham – a  theatre! And whoops – before you know it, along comes ‘Your Waverley’ or the health authority, or another Tom, Dick or Harriet, with another cunning plan to trouser our cash. Yesterday, with no notice – the powers that are omnipotent closed Midhurst Community Hospital’s 17 beds. A hospital supported tirelessly by local people. The CCG didn’t even tell the `League of Friends. So Waverley Borough Council demolishing the much-loved Redgrave Theatre, Blightwells Cottage along with their Pipistrel bats, is no surprise to any of us. It then sticks up a few bat poles to placate the voting-fodder with an informative that if the developer destroys the bats they are breaking environmental law. Since when has that worried our council or the developers. They have been breaking environmental law for years.

Listen, Mrs. Goff, we know we are a little cynical here at the WW – but the decision-makers at Waverley Towers don’t give one toss that local schoolchildren saved their pennies to buy a brick! Neither will they return same bricks to their rightful owners, because if they did they might find some of them flying through the windows of Waverley Towers in protest!  However,  those community-minded youngsters who bought a brick and who trusted the custodians of their money, are now adults, possibly living in other parts of this country and abroad.

But fear not – here’s wScreen Shot 2018-06-28 at 07.56.43here The Waverley Web’s  ‘pedipalps’  now reach. And unless they live in Greenland, in remote parts of Africa or New Guinea – they will know how they have been cheated, and they will have less faith in people and trust ‘the system’ just that little bit less.


WHY? Because that is part of all our yesterdays – and Crest Nicholson are putting in £2 million into art, recreation, and primary education in Farnham because the borough and county councils can no longer afford to provide these basic services through our rates. Also, Crest Nicholson has been handed a prime site on a plate by ‘Your Waverley.’ to enable it to make even more millions to pay its newly appointed Chief Executive Officer and Waverley’s Wonersh Park resident Mr Patrick Bergin another big fat bonus! 


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