There are lies, ​damned​ lies and… Bob Lies.


Dear old Bob Lees, Chairman of Protect our Little Corner’s summer just got even busier!

Just when you, dear Reader, thought this selfless, civically minded individual couldn’t give any more to the Borough, one eagle-eyed Waverley Web correspondent pointed out that Protect our Waverley has been pumping out Press Releases from its Headquarters at Unit A11, Fairoaks Airport, Chobham, in Surrey.

Does this mean that Capt’n Bob and his cohorts are going to extend their campaigning across the borough boundary and embrace Surrey Heath? Protect our Waverley & Surrey Heath (POWASH – not to be mistaken for HOGWASH!) doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Maybe, instead, they’ll be really ambitious and, in the interests of inclusiveness, call themselves Protect our Surrey (POS – very happy to be mistaken for POSH!)

Other businesses based at Unit A11 Fairoaks Airport are Dunsfold Airfield History Society and Cleverwoof Ltd. Plenty of surprises there then, for one could be forgiven for thinking that Dunsfold Airfield History Society would be based at …, well …, you know …, Dunsfold Airfield … Wouldn’t you if you were in their shoes? Maybe even sharing space with the Dunsfold Museum because that would be, well, a natural fit …, wouldn’t it? At least it would if they really were interested in the history of the aerodrome. Slightly more problematic when their entire raison d’être is to put a bloody great spoke in the wheel of the Dunsfold Developer’s concrete mixer!

So, these Johnny Come-Latelys have shacked up with Protect our Waverley and Cleverwoof.  What a happy ship Unit A11 at Fairoaks Airport must be, full of like-minded individuals, working towards a single aim.

They must be absolutely delighted that were planned to turn Fairoaks into a  Garden Village, a copy-cat model of Dunsfold Park, has been refused.

Perhaps  Capt’n Bob & Co expanding their operations and objected to plans to ‘concrete over’ another brownfield site? Whatever next? The Fairoaks Airfield History Society?

Maybe not!

Rather, first stop Dunsfold, then onto Chobham … next stop the entire Country!

Bob Lies for Prime Minister … but, NO!, better yet, Bob Lies for President – of America! Well, let’s face it Capt’n Bob and President Trump have a lot in common … and there’s a lot of people in Waverley who’d be only too happy to send him across the pond – on permanent loan! Maybe, we could have a whip round for a first class ticket or, even better, maybe the Flying Scot could be persuaded to provide a transport plane out of Dunsfold …

Here’s Waverley’s Press Release. Needless to say, we will be hanging from one of the High Court’s beams where some of our followers would quite like to see us?Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 09.41.01.png

17 thoughts on “There are lies, ​damned​ lies and… Bob Lies.”

  1. Hello WW. Still in rant mode I see. They really have upset you for some reason. You still haven’t answered any of my questions as to why you haven’t achieved anything to stop rampant development accross the borough, and why you are leaving it to other residents to fight the campaigns. Maybe if you spent less time digging dirt and being offensive then you could do something tangible for the community. (Other than being the developer’s smearing lapdog )

  2. WW. You are very quick with hot news ( from the DP desk) yet not so quick to talk about the recent Wisley Airfield rejection. Not a peep about that – why? Is it because it doesn’t quite fit with Dunsfold Park’s PR agenda?

    1. …and Fairoaks? How does your rant above fit with your strict editorial policy?

      Let me correct you: Waverley Web covers anything that can be viewed as disruptive of campaigns and opinions that counter the objective of your paymaster to profit from the building of Dunsfold Park’s 1800 houses (£1bn worth of houses)

      1. Reminds us of the theme tune from Minder: “Right People, right place, just wrong occasion”

        Although the current planning application has failed, Guildford BC has still allocated the Witley site in their Local Plan, saying it was premature. Guildford leader Cllr Paul Spooner said:
        “that the applicant had not demonstrated that there were very special circumstances, outside the context of a Local Plan examination, to justify the grant of planning permission.”

        More here:

      2. Silly piggy: POW is a Waverley organisation, set up to stop development at just one particular site. It wouldn’t matter if it was based In Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, in this particular case, it is about POW’s lies. And… we do not disrupt campaigns – try reading every post, not just the BIG D, what about our campaigning with the parents to save Green Oaks School in Godalming. The Redgrave Theatre; The Gostrey Centre and many more in Farnham? Paranoia comes to mind! But then rant on PP, we love hearing from you.

      3. WW, you seem to be clutching at straws and reverting to personal abuse. The question remains: demonstrate to me exactly what good you have achieved? When have you stood up to be counted? You can try to dissipate your agenda with worthy scraps but your motivation is clearly shown.

    1. Well your mythical successes are well hidden. All your quoted campaigns, Redgrave et al. don’t feature in your own Tag Cloud – but of course your principal obsession of Dunsfold does. I think you are kidding yourself to portray your crusade as worthy. You aren’t the people’s champion Robin Hood. You are not even the Sheriff of Nottingham. You are just someone sleeping with the Sheriff of Nottingham.

  3. We wish! but don’t tell all our husbands/wives and children will you please…? And, if it makes you happier we will remove both you and Dunsfold from our tag cloud.

    1. Ha. We don’t need a cover up, we need you to come clean – admit you are the Dunsfold Park PR platform and then we don’t have to tolerate your polarised and downright abusive agenda.

  4. As we have said many times before – we wish! If we were we would all be wearing Jimmy Choos or hand-made brogues from Charles Church – not the best of Taiwan from good old M & S. Our advice PP – keep out of the midday sun as you are beginning to sound hysterical!

  5. PS. You mentioned Fairoaks was to be a Garden Village – a copy cat of Dunsfold. Correction: Dunsfold was rejected by the Government for Garden Village status because of the unsustainable location. (Longcross on the M3 with a rail station did get Garden Village status)

    Now will you be mentioning Longcross? (As surely that is even closer to Woking than Dunsfold) Or maybe not depending on if it fits your spin? I get confused as Fairoaks was mentioned by you but Wisley you can’t mention at all because of your brief.

    1. WW avoids answering questions again. We all know why.

      Just what is it that you do that is sooo important?

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