Just another manic Saturday, Sunday & Monday at the Cranleigh dump!

Two of our eagle-eyed followers over there in the East has sent a couple of photos of what she described as “the chaos that exists at the Cranleigh recycling centre since its partial closure.”

One describes the queues of cars from Nanhurst Crossways junction on the A281 attempting to do a turn in the road to get out of the ensuing logjam as “complete and utter chaos.” 

She explained that residents of a nearby multiple occupancy development  (unfortunately she couldn’t give us the name) couldn’t get out because the queue stretched down Elm Bridge Road as people queued to get the small window (Sat, Sun, Mon) now open to them to get into the dump! Otherwise, they have to take the rat run over Hascombe past Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s new home on their way to the Witley recycling centre. Little wonder SCC chose the weekends to keep the dump open! We don’t want to spoil his peace and quiet do we?

Yesterday we posted on Surrey County Council’s leader David Hodge asking for your help to shape the county councils future. So now’s your chance.

Put your teeth in Mr Hodge!



This is from another Cranleigh resident a few weeks earlier!



13 thoughts on “Just another manic Saturday, Sunday & Monday at the Cranleigh dump!”

  1. It is not surprising this is happening and it is only going to get worse as the additional houses are built in Cranleigh and no doubt SCC are just waiting for the Tip to open at Dunsfold Park to ease the issue in 10 years time!!!
    Why should we have to do a 20 mile round trip to get rid of our waste or recycling?
    Oh and the SCC Survey is absolute TOSH – I have never seen so many open-ended superficial questions and a tiny wee box to put in any additional comments… Waste of time but duly submitted and have no doubt it will make no difference what so ever to SCC. We voted overwhelmingly to keep our Recycling/Waste Tip open after they proposed closing it completely – and they gave us 3 days per week Big Deal!

    1. We couldn’t put it better ourselves. Our team was gobsmacked with Hodge the Bodge and his superfluous survey. But there you are then – the county council can now tick the box marked CONSULTATION!

  2. Elnmbrifge Road and Markwick Lane past Jeremy Hunt’ s house will be much worse after all those Dunsfold Park homes and extra Business space have been built.We should start NOW to campaign for road improvements.

  3. It is even worse today as the traffic lights are out on the bridge at Elmbridge and it is pot luck going across.

  4. Sandra
    I never go on the weekend any more as life is too short! I do try on a Monday – It is only going to get worse and no-one in WBC or SCC care. No wonder there is so much fly tipping which will cost more in the end – but no-one looks at the Long-term effects of this.

  5. You so right with everything you have said, I would not mind so much if it was hardly used but it was always busy when it was open seven days a week, but hey ho the council obviously don’t mind spending more money having to employ people to pick up the fly tipped rubbish.

  6. \Why the Hell would a Normal person go to Horsham??
    You are missing the point WW – Come and see it

    1. Sorry, Denise, admittedly we haven’t seen it, however, a couple of our followers told us, as they shop there anyway, they go to Horsham. I bet West Sussex County Council won’t be too happy about that?

  7. Fine if you happen to be travelling to Horsham to shop but if not it is still a 20+ mile round trip. I thought WBC were trying to encourage us to drive LESS! Instead they and SCC do this to us and wonder why every resident – New and existing will need to have at least one car per family. We struggle enough with our two weekly Bin Collections (maybe we drink too much wine and have too much recycling!!) but honestly we do try. My Hedgerow on the A281 is littered with plastic bottles, cans and General Rubbish. Shame on SCC… Next years elections…………………..

  8. Today – I have to bite my tongue – went to the recycling centre today – as we had a massive Garage clear out yesterday – and have to say and it was very quiet… But that could be because the Cranleigh Fair is on today – But what a result!

  9. Following a little investigation, we understand Cranleigh HighStreet was closed for a considerable part of the day for a parade, hence motorists kept away from most of the approach roads. It is an ill wind that blows no good. Glad you had the recycling centre to yourself.

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