The Cranleigh Society could take its fight against thousands of new homes (already consented) to Westminster!



The new chairman of the Cranleigh Civic Society told the BBC’s Live at Five programme the area’s infrastructure ‘simply cannot cope with thousands of new homes planned’

But isn’t Terry Stewart  – shutting the door after the horse has bolted? The consents granted have already reached 1,357 – and considerably more homes are proposed to meet Waverley and Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan target of 1,700?

But Mr Stewart who hails from Poole in Dorset where he helped to take the town’s opposition to Green Belt development to Westminster and won, says he is not ruling out CCS doing the same. The Society is seeking a meeting with Waverley Borough and Surrey County Councils over highway issues and their concerns over the overloaded sewage treatment plan which is fouling up the Cranleigh Waters stream, where fish are dead!

He also expressed the organisation’s concern over development planned at Dunsfold Park claiming that although 2,600 homes had been approved he said:  “I have seen a document mentioning 6,000 homes at Dunsfold.” 

He claims the combined effect of development, which contains “too few affordable homes” will clog up the A281 Guildford to Horsham Road.

He told the BBC the Society was quite prepared to make Cranleigh’s plight a National issue, saying –We are prepared to take it all the way!’

You can hear his interview here: Starting at 07.10 an ending at 11.04 by clicking on the link below provided to the Waverley Web by the Cranleigh Civic Society.

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