Has the Waverley biter…been bitten?

The ranting goes on in Farnham – but is ignored by ‘Your Waverley.’

Because our local authorities don’t care one jot what Farnham residents say week after week in the Farnham Herald. But, could it soon be given David Wylde’s “order of the boot?”




4 thoughts on “Has the Waverley biter…been bitten?”

  1. David Wylde’s Comment in the Farnham Herald:
    “While I have some sympathy with the council for being held to ransom by the parochial nimbies of Dunsfold, it is just possible the many who stand up to Waverley bullies on a range of issues have good grounds for their opposition”

    And you wonder why we get so upset here in the East when commentators in Farnham put this sort of rubbish in the public domain – Of course he may have some sympathy for WBC – when it is not in HIS backyard – talk about Nimbyism……………I am sick to death of comments from the three Larger Settlements banging on about Dunsfold (and Cranleigh) Let’s be honest – If they had their way it wouldn’t be the 1800 or 2600 new homes here it would be 3400 – Why not stick them all here??

  2. • Nature must be given priority
    The Farnham Herald letters page, Thursday 3rd May 2018 – Vol. 127 No. 44


    – In his letter to The Herald (April 24 – ‘Biter bitten’), David Wylde knowingly offends SW Surrey’s protesters against a new town development approved at Dunsfold Airfield, by calling them ‘parochial nimbies’ who have ‘held the council to ransom’.

    Firstly, it was the government’s Planning Inspectorate which (nationwide), has held Waverley BC to ransom, ignorant of rural culture and Surrey Hills’ constraints. It would be helpful if Mr Wylde and Savid Javid visited the condemned 11 parishes and ancient villages.

    Secondly, the 11 parish councils opposing the application to urbanise rural Surrey Hills are not ‘nimbies’ but lovers of the countryside’s historical natural heritage, who mourn its annual diminishing scientific wealth, from the fertile earth, its rivers and streams, its rich species diversity, up to the dark starry skies.

    Authorised urbanisation of rural areas is spreading like a contaminant, systematically destroying irreplaceable goodness (habitats).

    Dunsfold Airfield is now owned by Cambridge University’s Trinity College (for its ‘investment portfolio’), and managed by the former lessee and vendor.

    An application has been put to Savid Javid requesting that the new town be given ‘garden suburb’ status, upheld by Waverley BC; such status will enable government funding to be received by Trinity College’s portfolio.

    The development has also been ‘exempted’ from paying CIL, an infrastructure levy imposed on all developers (for roundabouts, traffic lights, etc).

    Those employed at the airfield’s ‘Business Park’, will be given housing priority over EU, London,Woking and Waverley’s housing applicants.

    As a sufferer from the worst effects of urbanisation experienced these past 20 years, I want a moratorium on all Surrey Hills’ farmlands, woodlands, flood plains and heaths until planning law embraces ecology as its driving force and not urbanisation’s dogs, cats, air and noise pollution and endless traffic.

    The sustainability of nature’s building blocks must be given priority in the current imbalance caused by enforced urbanisation, eg anywhere, any-how, for investment portfolios.

    L S Dadak, Birtley Green, Bramley

  3. We here at the Waverley Web believe in saving all the Bats – particularly those living in Bramley!
    Presumably, Ms Dadak lives in a comfortable home at the pleasantly sounding Birtley Green?

  4. WW – You are showing the less Kindly side of you. What is wrong with trying to protect the countryside? I have just spent the day in London (the City!) and I have to say – I couldn’t get out quick enough – it is a joy to be back in Alfold! Although I was shocked to have to pay £22.50 for a taxi to get from the Train station home… Maybe he saw me coming – But that is extortionate… and having never got a taxi back from Guildford I had no idea what to expect… But that is the joy of living in a village with NO PUBLIC TRANSPORT apart from the odd bus! That is why I drive to London………

    Perhaps a few Farnham Residents should take a little trip to this area and see what they are missing.. At a certain stage in life you get to make choices – Couldn’t do it when I was younger as I had to go where the money was and lived in London. Now I am here – I would like to protect what we have and that doesn’t make me a Nimby as you of all people know about the 4 new Builds (2.5 storey) and 4 new Flats (still to be built) at the side of our garden! No doubt Cllr Cockburn would simply suggest we put Shutters up on our Windows to prevent being overlooked…. Oh no I forget we are in a Grade II Listed Building and can do nothing about our Windows…DOH

    End of rant – this is what a day in London does to me!

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