As those potholes get bigger – there may be even worse to come!

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South East Water received reports of customers in Sheephatch Lane, which include the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association’s Islamabad base and Garner’s Field scout campsite, having no water.  An inspection revealed part of the road surface had collapsed from a leak in an eight-inch diameter water main.

The lane will be closed from its junction with Tilford Road until Monday, April 16.

South East Water said:  “We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this repair work has caused the local community and thank them for their ongoing patience.”

Although a severe example, it adds to a raft of potholes and damaged road surfaces across the whole of Waverley. Not all of the damage has occurred this winter, some occurred in 2016/17 and remain to be filled!

Large potholes have formed on several key roads across Farnham, with notable cases on the A325 outside the Co-op in Wrecclesham Road and in West Street near the Coxbridge roundabout.

A number of motorists have taken to Facebook to report damage to their vehicles after colliding with the potholes.  Jack Butterfield blames the A325 hole for blowing his tyre and chipping his alloys – causing hundreds of pounds of damage. Others have reported damage which has wrecked the wheels and mechanics of valuable cars. Motorists say they will be seeking compensation from Surrey County Council for repairs.  

It comes after the county council announced a new £5 million investment in the county’s roads “to help reverse the impact of the winter’s weather” last month.

Surrey has also recently been named the worst county in the UK for potholes.

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Here’s what Waverley Web suggest…

Because potholes are appearing faster than Spring lambs!  ..!!!Come to Surrey and visit the UK’s capital of potholes – on and off-road! or 


Here’s what one Farnham resident writes in the Farnham Herald.


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