What will it take to persuade Waverley councillors they’ve got it wrong over the redevelopment​ of Farnham’s East Street?

Since the Waverley Web was founded we have watched the chequered story of the Redgrave Theatre – its closure and the controversy that has raged since the whole Brightwells site has become a town eyesore.

As the retail situation seems to be worsening (now Prezzo is going and probably others too) the prospect for new retail and new restaurants seems decidedly rocky. Who would invest in such ventures now?

How can Surrey County Council, which is cutting children’s services, restricting care for the elderly to only those in ‘acute need,’ as well as leaving some of our roads impassable, believe it wise to invest over £50 million of taxpayers monies in such a risky venture?  

Isn’t it time ‘Your Waverley’ re-thought its strategy and maybe ….finally…realise that the only draw that will bring in the public is based on a cultural experience.  A theatre and perhaps a three screen cinema with a shared auditorium would do the trick.

Most residents recognise that Julie Potts, the present leader was landed with a done-deal, and inherited a stack of past mistakes made by Chief Executives Christine Pointer and Mrs Mopp – (Mary Orton-Pett.) But surely there no good reason to keep piling mistake upon mistake? It’s never too late to learn, but it would take a brave man/woman to do a volte-face.

If not, we may just have to wait and vote the Waverley dinosaurs out when we can.Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 18.41.35.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 18.56.17.png
There will shortly be a by-election in Farnham. 

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