Godalming - River Wey under Bridge Street

It’s all water under Godalming Town’s bridge – but there will be no infrastructure monies to help alleviate flooding


There is no hope – there is no CIL.

The Cranleigh Civic Society’s concerns which the Waverley Web highlighted yesterday are being shared by other parts of the borough – including Godalming.

A bitter pill to swallow over CIL?

Godalming Town Council admits the same dilemma. It will meet its housing target before September 2018 so there will be no Community Infrastructure Levy to spend.

Here’s an extract from a recent Godalming Town Council minutes!

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 13.02.58.png


2 thoughts on “THERE’S NO CIL BILL!”

  1. I do feel for Godalming and of course Cranleigh but surely the Councillors knew this was the case – and presumably raised s106 agreements for contributions to the local infrastructure? (schools, roads etc) or perhaps these s106 agreements have no teeth???

  2. Most of the housing in Godalming is Office to Residential conversions that only require a ‘Prior Approval’ notice – they don’t even need a formal planning application. This means no contribution to social housing, or S106 money, or even Planning Application fees (Waverley is hiking these this year to improve profits). Its a controversial national government wheeze to rapidly increase housing supply – but leaves local councils completely impotent. No say, and no funds. Just a small increase in Council Tax revenue to cover all the costs.

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