Frost bites​ Cranleigh!




What Cranleigh people would like to know Councillor Pat Frost (Conservative Farnham Wrecclesham & Rowledge) is exactly which applications did you turn down?  And exactly which applications are you referring to where an Inspector agreed with you? 

Perhaps we should respectfully remind you that the Joint Planning Committee of which you are a member has repeatedly ignored the views of Cranleigh people for years! It has consistently approved schemes in the countryside when local people wanted brownfield sites developed first – these include:

  • Crest Nicholson – 119 homes in Horsham Rd followed by another 149 – for which outline has been granted and despite no detailed approval, WORK HAS ALREADY STARTED!
  • West Cranleigh Nurseries, Alfold Rd. 265 – GRANTED.
  • Little Meadow, Alfold Road. 75 GRANTED – now coming back for 89! 
  • Amlets Park, Amlets Lane. 149 GRANTED.
  • Swallowhurst, Ewhurst Road, Cranleigh. 55 GRANTED
  • Berkeley Homes, Knowle Lane/Alfold Road 425. Refused by Waverley – GRANTED at Appeal.
  • Thakeham Homes, Elmbridge Road. 55 dwellings on a flood plain! GRANTED.
  • Hewitts Industrial Estate 120 Homes on a brownfield site Refused by WBC – GRANTED at appeal!
  • Cranleigh Hotel – 2 homes. GRANTED
  • Penwerris Horsham Road, Refused by Waverley and then included in Part 11 of its  Local Plan – application to be submitted shortly.
  • Garden grabbing – too numerous to mention!

WE COULD GO ON!  SO COUNCILLOR FROST, WHICH DEVELOPMENTS HAVE YOU ACTUALLY DEFENDED SO SUCCESSFULLY? Please let us know by contacting us here: If not then we take it that you agree that you talk a load of tosh and the people of Waverley, particularly those here in Farnham need to know that.


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