Have you seen this man?


We understand Dr Andrew Povey, a  former leader of Surrey County Council was elected to replace the outgoing county councillor Alan Yung for the Cranleigh and Ewhurst seat at last May’s county council elections? 

Although his predecessor’s profile was quite high, in fact, he earned the title ‘Kodak Pete’ because his picture appeared so often in the local newspapers, same cannot be said for Dr P!

Judging by the number of potholes wrecking motorists tyres on a daily basis in and around Cranleigh/Ewhurst; the mountains of fly-tipped refuse in and around the Surrey Hills and elsewhere on his patch, combined with the lack of any long-promised major roadworks to deal with mounting traffic issues,  it can only be assumed he has – ‘gone fishing.’

If anyone has seen or heard anything of Dr P’s county council achievements, please get in touch with us at  contact@waverleyweb.org because we would love to tell you all about them. 


2 thoughts on “Have you seen this man?

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