Times they are a changing?


Does he mean it? Really, really mean it?

Because if Tom Horwood not only says what he means but means what he says he’s going to do – then times really could really be a’changing at Your Waverley!  in fact, it’s almost beginning to sound like – ‘Our Waverley!’

This is what Waverley’s  new boy,   Chief Executive and former East Hants Council’s old boy,  Tom Horwood said at The Community Overview & Scrutiny Committee this week…

“Ever since I arrived here it has struck me, very much, how our policies and procedures for dealing with complaints could be streamlined. Policies could be more succinct and concise and complaints could be dealt with as they arise!

As they arise?? As in arise Sir Lancelot? Or as in arise from the dead! Surely he means a…rise for the staff or in councillors expenses?

But no, he insists he’s going to streamline the whole process and deal with residents complaints ‘objectively,’  with ‘fairness and in a shorter time-frame,’ and with … wait for it… ‘empathy’ and wants complaints looked at from ‘the customers’ point of view, and – make complaining to Waverley… easier!

Having completely dropped off our web in the corner of Committee Room 1, and shinned back up again… we could not believe our ears when the mighty Tom said he was going to talk to the Heads of Services and ask them to respond to complaints by…‘starting to talk to people’ and wanted the new regime to be in place by the end of March. This March? Yes, this March!

Whoops, here we go again! Is there no stopping this man, soon he’ll be asking for the cornices to be cleaned at Waverley towers and then we will be truly stuffed! Might even have to move to Guildford, plenty of dirt and sleaze over there.

He said – ‘In this coming year I want to see some changes, including a quarterly review because I believe if we just talked to people complaints could be dealt with sooner.’

Councillor Mike Band suggested that the Complaints Procedure should now include the words – ‘the buck stops with the chief executive, saying  he only found out about residents complaints after they had been going on for Yonks!’

Others suggested now might be an opportune time for the council to tell residents in the ‘Your Waverley’ newsletter just how to complain,

And then – the pièce de résistance! Tom, Tom the Sniper’s  son said: The Heads of Services are responsible for their services and to drive standards in the right direction by ‘becoming more accountable.’ He will ensure this happens!

That was it!  We fell off the web with shock, and were trodden underfoot!




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