Bramley’s By-Pass Byham being obnoxious, again!

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Perhaps Councillor Maurice Byham (Conservative Councillor for Bramley) should have heeded this advice, before confirming that he belongs to the ‘nasty party’.

The pompous member for Bramley is featured below complaining to the Chairman of Waverley’s Joint planning Committee that, in his opinion, his colleague Councillor Jerry Hyman, the democratically elected member for Farnham’s  Castle Ward gave a ‘dissertation’ and spoke for too long!

Councillor Hyman was one of only three Farnham Residents’ speakers, who  vociferously opposed the demolition of The Redgrave Theatre and the changes to the Grade 11 listed Brightwells House  to make way for ‘casual dining restaurants.’ Part of the redevelopment of East Street. Shame on you Bypass Byham! We hope the next time you wind on about the traffic through Bramley that your Farnham colleagues show you the same courtesy and cut you down to size! Though we suspect they have better manners.

His comments would have had more relevance if only he, or for that matter, or any other of his Tory Tosser colleagues had themselves had something to say.  Not one single member of that committee uttered a  word in favour of the scheme before they all put up their hands to vote it through again…! 

Councilor Hyman together with his  Farnham Residents’ colleagues were not only entitled, but it would have been a dereliction of their duty if they hadn’t spoken up for the residents of Farnham vehemently opposed to the dramatic changes to be inflicted on their historic town!  After all, not one single member of that committee uttered one single word in favour of the scheme before 12 of them voted for renewing the consent for the third time in 10 years!

 Despite a flood of opposition from the local residents, ‘Your Waverley’ rules that Farnham’s Redgrave Theatre will bite the dust!



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