A development dubbed as ‘regimental and suburban’ in a rural village has to go back to the drawing board.



If you can bear the stop, start, stop, start then complete STOP of ‘Your Waverley’s useless webcast – you can watch it above.

Can this council get even the most basic methods of communication right? If it spent our taxpayers’ money on this supposedly new webcast – then ask for it  back!

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 09.03.47.pngOr take it  back to Rumbelows or the shark on E-Bay  who palmed it off on you.  Because the handful of viewing public, that you do manage to engage, are heartily sick of this shambles that you call a Webcast! Or is that the game-plan – you want us all to give up?

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Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 19.21.49.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 19.27.47.png


No Sound – just a static picture. Poor old Councillor Kevin Deanus (Conservative Alfold) who bared his teeth and his soul in his efforts to prevent the rural village of Alfold’s green and pleasant land from being covered in tarmac and concrete by Cala Homes. But unfortunately we could hear only snippets.  Please, for your own sake and the sake of the sick and fed up public PC Plod tell them to get a decent webcast. Or, just go behind closed doors like you do on the Executive!

We here at the Waverley Web commend Councillors Deanus and his Dunsfold mate Councillor Gray, for fighting that poor little village’s corner. They opposed  not just the Crap*y design but the fact the Sh1t is going to Loxwood and Southern Water was not even notified. They have 40-odd new Antler Homes in Loxwood happening at a rate of knots  surely the impact of that and Sweeters Copse should have been thought about. Everyone is beginning to think we are  living in LA LA land? To add insult to injury the officers apologised  for calling the affordable homes – ‘ADORABLE HOMES!’

How dare Chief Planning Officer Liz the Biz Sims get out her stick and wave it around the council chamber like a demented  gnat to drag them kicking and screaming into line. How dare she insult the villagers of Alfold, who, we know, because they write to us,  care passionately about their village,   describe Alfold as having homes of little  merit, not in a conservation area, or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and are among other similarly ordinary properties.

She claimed  that compared to  other properties around those proposed at Sweeters Copse, Loxwood Road those proposed were – “actually better than those that  already exist, and the developers have done enough to reflect the character of the area”! 

We could hear the gasps of disgust from ‘Disgusted of Alfold’ all the way over here in the West of the borough, where developments of similar mediocre design have already been turned down – Baker Oates for one!! Has she ever listened to that song… Little boxes, made out of tricky tacky and they all look just the same?

Well,  Bossy Breeches! Take it from the parish council, and those  councillors who turned up!   They don’t like the idea of three storey blocks of flats being plonked into a field in a rural village, surrounded by concrete and tarmac, with roads leading into the remainder of the site in preparation  for  an appeal decision for another 120 homes.   Neither do they want, what one a councillor described as a  ‘ghetto” of affordable homes too small to live in,  with a play area so far away from homes where  children  cannot be seen or heard.

And as for your officers’ acceptance, that,  if Thames Water is satisfied that Alfold’s poo can be  sent across the county boundary to Loxwood, Sussex,  without any proper consultation with Southern Water –  think again BB!   What is it about flooding and sewage that you just don’t seem understand? Or don’t they have those sort of problems in Munstead  where you live? Perhaps no-one told you that Alfold doesn’t have a school, Dunsfold doesn’t have a school and the Loxwood school is bursting at the seams, according to our followers? It’s called Infrastructure!

As Farnham Residents’ Councillor Jerry Hyman put it so succinctly: Building town houses is  not  appropriate in a village; not consulting properly with the statutory agencies is  inappropriate,  and neither is it appropriate to put the Cranleigh Design Statement in the Agenda papers for the village of Alfold!  He said Alfold was  not Cranleigh! He said had  anyone  considered  that if Dunsfold Park  was not approved (by the Secretary of State after being called in by MP’s Anne Milton and Jeremy Hunt) that all the children from Alfold’s new developments would have to travel into Cranleigh!

 You are supposed to be PLANNERS – yes PLANNERS – which means you should be persuading developers to properly PLAN properties fit for future generations, with homes of which they, and the community, can be proud and in areas where there a decent services. Or is Liz the Biz pinning all her hopes on ALL Alfold/Dunsfold’s appeals being granted – so she can welcome ALDUNFOLD New town?

Before the ink was even dry on our post we received this:

Well Done Kevin
You did your best – Shame about the shocking Transmission – Most of it was in re-load mode at the beginning when you were speaking we have Fibre to the Home and 38.71/Mbps so no reason other than they are not transmitting properly – deliberately – I can screen Movies better than this! – The fact that the Camera was on you and Cllr Gray – was appalling – You didn’t know half the time who was speaking. I am just so fed up with the lot of them. Glad you got a Deferral – But I was disappointed it was only on the amount of Hard Standing and the location of the LEAP/Gas Storage

Design and Size of the affordable housing should have been included – Sorry but I am rather disappointed as ever in the rest of the JPC – and considering how many “voices” I could hear but not see – there was a lot of support for a refusal.

Finally not one councillor mentioned the fact the Archaeological Report could not be downloaded from the Planning Website – Just errors – May mean nothing but with the planners who knows??
All the best

Needless to say all the usual culprits wanted to approve the application but they were outnumbered, and it was agreed to defer the application. In other words – ‘Could do better!’

One thought on “A development dubbed as ‘regimental and suburban’ in a rural village has to go back to the drawing board.”

  1. Just because Planning in the past didn’t always consider it important for new houses to fit into the Rural Village is not an excuse to promote Poor Design in the Future and that should surely NOT be a Material planning consideration? Really Ms Sims….Not every development in the village was well thought out – but no need to perpetuate that mistake… or perhaps they were her own decisions??
    If there are no Guidelines in the Local Plan for Minimum Space for Properties…whose fault is that? There are National Guidelines and they are MINIMUM so Min of 50m2 for a 1 Bed Flat is acceptable nationally yet one of these Affordable flats is only 43.6m2 and yet the Min for a 4 Bed 2 storey Property is 97m2 but their largest Private homes go up to a whopping 172.5m2 ( Now they really are ADORABLE homes!!) If they want to squeeze the whole 55 onto the plot – Maybe they should reduce the size of some of the Large Private Homes – Just a thought!!
    And maybe re-think the idea of putting the Kiddies play area next to the Underground Gas Storage unit in the top North Eastern corner of the site, with only 3 properties having limited sight of the area – Not exactly Secure or safe.

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