Is silence golden Councillor Povey?

Maybe, just maybe, Councillor Povey has decided that rather than being a Kodak Pete, like his county council predecessor (whom we won’t name because we never speak ill of the de-selected), he is working quietly in the bowels of County Towers on behalf of Cranleigh and Ewhurst?

Or maybe he has found life in those county council back benches a little lonely and intimidating after years as its head honcho, especially now it’s being run by Hodge The Bodge – the man he dislodged?

Far be it from the Waverley Web to remind wannabe-councillors of their manifesto pledges – because we all know that they mostly resemble pie-crusts, that are easily broken – but you did say, didn’t you Andrew Povey, that you would fight against any further development in the villages you wanted to represent?

Ah, well, your time has come! Or has it?

Our collective memories fail us about what you actually said: But didn’t it go something like this?

” I believe quite enough development has been dumped on Cranlegh and I will work to ensure it is not forced to take any more.”

Ah, well, that was way back when Waverley Borough Council was expected to take just its own unmet housing need, and not the un-met needs of Woking and parts of London. Now the Government, (the one you support, Councillor Povey), has nominated an Inspector who has ruled that Waverley is expected to take another 1,800 homes and  the borough council has earmarked another 200  in addition to the 1,580 already given consent in your particular patch in Cranleigh!

Ewhurst ‘s housing numbers are also to increase from 65 to 100 and if borough council permission is granted on dozens of other sites earmarked by wannabe developers – there will be quite a lot more than that. The residents of Ewhurst  rely  for almost all their services  on Cranleigh!

So how do you feel about that Councillor Povey? Oh, and whilst we come to think about it, you’ve been remarkably quite about the proposed closure of the Recycling Centre at Nanhurst, too – we know Silence is Golden but don’t be shy – we are all sitting here waiting, with baited breath, to hear what efforts you are making on your electors’ behalf to stop Dumb and Dumber from closing down these vital amenities.What a load of rubbish!

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 10.40.57.png“The die is cast,” said the Lady of Shalott – at least we think it was her! – and ‘Your Waverley’ Is about to go out to public consultation on the Local Plan – including higher housing numbers to satisfy Woking and some of London’s  unmet need. So speak now – or for ever hold your peace!

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The die is cast – and ‘Your Waverley’ goes out to public consultation on the Local Plan – including higher housing numbers to satisfy Woking’s unmet need.

NOW… POST – ELECTION stress disorder epidemic hits Ewhurst and Cranleigh.


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  1. Don’t bother the Tory Tossers will be out there voting for yet another Tory Tosser. Waverley residents would rather poke their eyes out with a blunt stick than vote for someone who will really represent them.

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