Don’t fence me in!


The Chairman of Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee doesn’t want to see large ugly security fences become the norm in The Wunderland that is Your Waverley.

He doesn’t seem to mind how many homes are thrust upon certain parts of the borough – the East and West in particular, but he doesn’t like fences!

You can hear for yourself what he thinks of the large fences proposed along a once natural rural country lane called Alfold Road, Cranleigh.

councillor Peter Isherwood  was not too worried about 75 homes being built  close to the Ancient Woodland. That  is woodland that has been there since the 16th century but he is concerned that the new estates crapping up (damn that predicted  text) all over the borough will be surrounded by fences rather than the natural hedgerows. But don’t you worry you folks over there in the East the officers gave very good reasons why high fences  should become part of  Cranleigh `New Town’s urban street scene. 

Glad nobody listens to him either!   Indeed why should they – after all the officers ignore all the Cranleigh councillors comments – that is, those allowed to speak up, and more important, the handful that are allowed to vote!



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