Eastern villages’ county councillor hit by a Touch of Frost.

Now listen here Queen Victoria, Surrey County Councillor for the Eastern Villages.  Don’t you start wearing your husband’s mantle – just because he was ditched by Farnham after being ditched by his Guildford Conservative Constituency mates. Is it pay back time at County Towers? Because – Be Afraid – Be very afraid! of upsetting ‘Your Waverley’ Councillor Pat Frost.  And… upset she most certainly  is … because not only have you ditched the long-awaited Consultation on the pedestrianisation of our town, you called A Touch of Frost and her side-kick Carole Cockburn –  VETERANS!

Off with your head we hear them cry!


‘Wouldn’t be fair’ she exclaimed, ‘to spend the council taxpayers’ money on funding on a consultation, when there are insufficient county funds available to implement the pedestrianisation scheme.’ Oh Dear QV – maybe, just maybe, you should have checked with your head financial honchos back at the ranch – because according to our ever-increasing band of informants – they intend to stump up an amazing… 


Just in case Queen Vic, you don’t get to read that amazing Farnham Newspaper – that, now, thanks to the arrival of the Waverley Web, everyone gets to read we have included it below:   Oh! and by the way our Patsy was not just – ‘not pleased’ or ‘even not cross’ – she is ‘very angry.’ So… be warned – having just lost her county council seat to one of those pesky Farnham Residents’ she is not in a mood to be messed with! Get it!

Oh! and tell your husband to see if he can find someone who will take him on in… and then you won’t have to kick us here in Farnham. Say… Hampshire…Dorset… or even perhaps… Kensington & Chelsea?

Here it is for all to read:20626405_10155559833966613_8714108156926593252_o.jpg


2 thoughts on “Eastern villages’ county councillor hit by a Touch of Frost.”

  1. This begs the question is Farnham getting a fair share of the “shed loads” of money it is obligated to pay Surrey County Council’s with all the past council tax rises its coffers must be overflowing.

    The aim must be more than to reduce Farnham’s toxic air pollution, it must be reduced below the statutory limit. Chairman of the Committee Mrs Young has now directly frustrated that statutory obligation and any consequences have become her direct responsibility.

  2. Well lets hope Queen Vic takes responsibility for her actions. Increased pollution that is killing people on a daily basis. Asthmatics avoid living in or around Farnham.

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